I’ve Fallen in Lust

Once again my magpie eyes have landed me in an expensive lust situation; I literally cannot walk past sparkly things! Last night a friend and I popped into House of Fraser on a Christmas shopping mission when something in the Fragrance section caught my eye:

This little beauty is La Prairie’s Midnight Rain and seems to cost around £75 but it smells so good! I can’t really explain the smell but it’s an expensively sweet smell which I absolutely love and almost want to go back to the store to get more of it; it really does smell as good as it looks. However, I have one teeny, tiny problem – lack of cash! At Christmas I really can’t justify spending that much on a fragrance for myself so for now, this will continue to be an unrequited love affair which I will hopefully take to the next level in the new year 🙂

Go smell it! (And boys, buy it for your girls!) x

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