Versace for H&M? I Prefer H&M for H&M!

I am ashamed to admit it but I was one of those crazy people who spent a whole morning online trying to get my hands on some Versace for H&M gear when it launched. Though, I must clarify, I wanted it for myself, I wasn’t trying to buy it for eBay! I’m not sure quite what came over me, I’ve not been interested in any of H&M’s previous designer collaborations but something about this collection just caught my eye.

So, I duly spent hours trying to get onto the website and then another couple of hours trying to checkout, lost an item from my bag at checkout stage but finally purchased the following:

I was so excited and couldn’t wait for my order to arrive…but I had to. It took over a week for my order to reach my doorstep which is crazy! I know they were inundated but they should have predicted that and had the infrastructure in place.

Eventually, my order did show up and…what a let down! The items were very poorly fitting, came up small in strange places – such as my arms appear to be too long, well I couldn’t get the underarm seams anywhere near my underarms without looking silly anyway. Loads of the tassels started falling off the heart print dress as well, not what you expect for a dress that cost somewhere in the £100 region. Not only that but the dresses just didn’t look or feel anywhere near as good as I expected, I’ve had many clothes from the usual H&M range which were better quality and a fraction of the price. Designer collaboration, you let me down!

Who else bought some of the range, is anybody happy with what they received??? x