Jazzing up the Home – Again!

As I am working in a shop at the moment, I get 1 hour lunch breaks in the afternoon when the shops are quiet and I have nothing to do as I have eaten earlier on. What does this lead to? Shopping of course!

Yesterday’s mission was to Primark to pick up some more black skinny jeans after I broke my Zara ones – at the moment I’m finding Primark’s jeans fit best and with the new longer length they are perfect for £9.00. Whilst in there I decided to make the most of the quiet and have a mooch. It SO paid off! Check this out:

Yes, I know my sofa is sexy but look at the cushions! The red cushions are failed sewing attempts from last year which I have ended up buying red covers for from Primark earlier this year. However, what I am loving is my Union Jack cushions, they fit perfectly with the colour scheme I am trying to build in my living room. I bought these yesterday for just £3 each, reduced from £7. Get down there now and grab yourself a snuggly winter sofa cosy!

Just wanted to remind you all not to forget your homes in this Christmas shopping frenzy! x