Review: Orly Amp’d Nail Polish

Hello and sorry! Yes I know, I know I’m a terrible blogger and I haven’t written anything for ages but I promise I’ve been busy doing stuff.

Orly2One thing I have done is tested out a new nail polish, well nail polish system really – Orly Amp’d. The other week I was doing the usual pay day, buy loads of stuff I don’t need shopping spree and I came across this in Boots.

I’ve been making a conscious effort to use gel less recently because I always end up picking it off and my nails are consequently in a terrible state. This Orly Amp’d stuff promised that it would provide 7 days of wear, dependent on nail condition and I figured I’d give it a try as it might be a contender as an alternative to the Seche Vite top coat I usually use.

So, how was it?

Firstly, I loved the way it went on. The brush was easy to hold and a good width for covering most of my nail in one stroke. The colour itself went on beautifully as well; each coat provided a strong amount of coverage without being splodgy or me worrying that it would never dry through being so thick. Two coats of colour later and I was ready for the top coat. The top coat also went on nicely and really did make the polish dry quickly to a hard, glossy finish.

My nails are in such awful shape that I didn’t get a week out of the colour, I actually got about 3 days out of it before part of it lifted on one of my nails and I lost half a nail’s worth of polish. I didn’t mind. The reason I didn’t mind is that often that happens to me within 1 day, after I’ve spent an hour waiting for the polish to fully dry. This took 15 minutes and I got 3 days. For someone with strong, healthy nails, this has got to be a win.

The Orly Amp’d colour range includes some stunning, bright colours too so I’m definitely going back. It felt like such luxury polish that I can’t wait to try again with a party colour.

Has anyone else tried it out? What did you think? x

Review – Avon Ideal Flawless Foundation, Ivory

Avon Ideal Flawless Cream to Powder Foundation, £12

Avon Ideal Flawless Cream to Powder Foundation, £12

It’s been a looooooooong time since I wrote a product review but I’ve recently bought a whole heap of new beauty products so I’ll try my best to get through a few reviews, though I do often break my blog-promises (sorry!).

I’m not really sure what possessed me to try out a new foundation because I’m actually perfectly happy with what I already have but I found myself ordering it because it was pretty cheap and had some great reviews. I’m not usually an Avon customer but I fancied trying something completely different so I threw caution to the wind and here I am now!

The product I’m reviewing is Avon’s Ideal Flawless Foundation in the Ivory shade. I was a bit worried about the colour as many reviews say that the colours come up quite dark and I have to say I agree. I wouldn’t call this shade ivory at all, more like orange (it’s much darker than the picture shows). Much like I wouldn’t call this a medium to full coverage foundation, more of a barely there finish – which is how I got away with wearing orange foundation all day! I’ve tried to take photos of me wearing it but it just looks like my naked skin, all of my pores are visible, the unevenness of my skin tone punches you in the face and the dark circles under my eyes are enhanced by the dark, dull colour of the foundation (see below image).

My pore-filled face with this foundation on

My pore-filled face with this foundation on

It has a strange consistency when it goes on; I found the whole cream-to-powder thing really means it glides on but then feels like it’s drying your face out as it dries. It also doesn’t absorb any oil; by 2pm I had a full-on oil slick for a nose which, I must say, isn’t my favourite look. 

Even the packaging failed to excite me; the box is a cheap plastic black thing and the sponge is totally the wrong shape for trying to apply foundation to a whole face, it’s more of a powder your nose sponge. I really wanted to like this product but it just does nothing for me. If you have great skin and just like to wear make-up then it might work well but if you have imperfections like I do, it actually enhances them rather than concealing them. This is not the one for me; sorry Avon. 

Review: Hoof Foot Polish

Hoof Foot Polish, Spearmint Eucalyptus, £2.99

Hoof Foot Polish, Spearmint Eucalyptus, £2.99

As always with me, I can’t resist an impulse buy and my latest one was a miniature tube of Hoof Foot Polish, £2.99 at Boots.

This little tube promises to remove dry skin from your feet with no more effort required than you rubbing it in. What more could a girl want than to take some of that on a city break involving lots of walking!?!

So here I am in Istanbul and what’s my verdict? It’s ok. That really is my summary of this product! It does remove dry skin but it takes rather vigorous rubbing to do so and if you have and real problem areas, they’ll still be there afterwards. Personally I’d rather put that much effort into using a file or Ped Egg and actually get the job done properly.

If you go for regular pedis and just get the odd bit of dry skin in between, this might be quite a novel way of dealing with it. If however you are looking for something to fix hard working feet, I’d suggest a long soak, a file, some cream and socks to bed. Sadly this isn’t the miracle cure it promises to be.

Happy shopping, everybody! x

Review: Primark Beauty Stick-on Nails

Hello, hello!

I have a whole host of the “inner workings of my mind” posts lined up that I’ve been writing as late. Today though, I’m writing a good old beauty review just because I can 🙂

Earlier on I had a bored moment and peeled off my Shellac and then bit my weak nails off as well. DISGUSTING! I tried my hardest to get a nail appointment for some extensions to be applied without an electric file and failed. As my last ditch attempt venue happened to be across from Primark, I popped in to check out their ever-expanding beauty range.

Well, I found loads of cool stick-on nail designs and for £1 a pack, they’re dirt cheap compared to all other nail alternatives so I figured it was my duty to give them a go. Other than the fact that my nails are now unusable because they’ll pop off if I so much as open a pack of sweets, I love them! Check these bad boys out, (excuse my dry skin):

The Nails!

The Nails!

image image image

I’ve yet to shower or dress/undress so I’m not sure how they’ll last but I’ll definitely be buying these again for a night out. Far cheaper, quicker and easier than going to a salon, especially if you’re only after 1 night of nail glamour!

Anyone tried any of the rest of the Primark beauty range? X

Review: Clinique Chubby Stick, 15 Pudgy Peony

Clinique Chubby Stick, 15 Pudgy Peony

Clinique Chubby Stick, 15 Pudgy Peony

Hello and Happy New Year to you all!

I thought I’d start the year as I mean to go on…focusing on beauty! Obviously I’ve been aware of the Clinique Chubby Sticks for quite some time as they’re not really a new product but I’ve not used them before as I’m not that big into lip colour. However, my sister gave me a set of 3 as one of my Christmas presents and I know that she’s used them before so I thought I should give it a go in case I was missing a trick. I was!

Chubby FaceThe first colour I’ve tried is this Pudgy Peony shade which is a purple-pink colour. Normally I’d go for a more orange-based shade but this is fantastic; the bluey tone makes my teeth look whiter and the colour is striking without being over the top. It doesn’t even clash with the red bits in my hair! I’ve inserted a small picture of me with it on so you can see it in action but please forgive my podgy face and lazy, work hair.

It’s really easy to apply, just like a big crayon and because it’s a balm, it slides on and doesn’t have any of that sticky or dry feeling that some lip colours have. I’ve found that the first layer comes off easily when drinking, etc. but after a couple of coats it has really good staying power for something that you can’t even feel on your lips. It’s also super easy to re-apply because it’s so glossy; you can glide it on to the middle of your lips and then smudge it around properly using what I call the “gurning” technique – rubbing your lips together.

I’ve just Googled the price and it seems these are £17.00 each which is not cheap but if you love your balms and you love colour, they’re a great hybrid. Also look out for them at Bonus Time as I’ve seen them in the free gift packs before. If you’ve got one and you haven’t used it yet, crack it open and start loving your pout! Have a fab weekend everyone 🙂 x

Review: Electrolysis for Milia and Thread Veins


I told you I’d catch up with my beauty reviews, etc. and I am on the case! Today I’m going to review a recent electrolysis treatment I had and completely forgot to add to yesterday’s list of things I have been doing when I’ve not been blogging.

I’m sure most of you have heard of electrolysis but you’ve probably heard of it in relation to hair removal rather than as a treatment for skin complaints. I had the treatment on my skin and it was so fantastic that I just have to spread the word because it took me ages to find not only the treatment, but also a place that offered a free consultation and a price I could afford.

The place I ended up going to is called Destination Skin and in Reading, they are based inside House of Fraser but they have a number of clinics so check out their website for more details. The condition I went to see them about is called “milia” and I’ll explain to you exactly what that means and what my experience was…

Roughly around the time I split up with the bf I lived with, Sept ’12, a lot of small bumps appeared on my cheeks. They were like clogged pores / blackheads except they were quite far below the surface. I didn’t think much of it at the time as I’d been on holiday and thought I’d broken out because of the sunscreen. A few months on though, these bumps were still there and showed no signs of changing. My skin felt rough and lumpy to the touch, especially when washing my face in the shower and although the bumps had no colour, you could really see them when they caught the light.

I tried all sorts, from spot-clearing face wash, to microdermabrasion, to changing every single facial product I used. NOTHING! It was pretty depressing and I ended up picking at my skin and creating spots as a result of my determination to rid myself of these things. Eventually, through a combination of Google and a couple of facialists, I worked out I had milia and that they weren’t going to go unless I had them extracted or zapped through electrolysis.

The extraction route didn’t sound too appealing as that involves making tiny cuts in the skin and manually squeezing the milia out. Ouch! Huge scar potential too if it’s done incorrectly. Electrolysis however seemed to be a rather expensive option; I couldn’t find anywhere close by that offered it and I was being told it would cost £100 just for a consultation with a doctor. On top of that I could expect to spend another £150 on the treatment. Oh, and the results weren’t guaranteed. Well I’m not rich so I ruled that out too.

That was until I was in House of Fraser and spotted Destination Skin; a quick Google and phone call later and I’d booked in a free consultation. Now I won’t pretend it all ran smoothly from there because I had to overcome one final hurdle but with my advice, you can do the same! During my consultation, 2 girls looked at my skin under a magnifying glass to determine whether or not the bumps were definitely milia. They came to the conclusion that they were and that electrolysis would be the best option. They also pointed out my other, “normal” clogged pores and fine lines. What they suggested was a treatment plan that consisted of facial peels, electrolysis and 3 specialist products; what I heard was “that’ll be £750 please”. WTF!?! How was I supposed t0 fund that, even with their 3-step payment plan?

I made the executive decision to book in for 1*30min electrolysis session which they had told me would start off the milia treatment. Electrolysis essentially works by breaking the milia into smaller bits so your lymphatic system can drain it away so it can take a few sessions to work completely.  When I got to my appointment, I had a different consultant and she was much better. She didn’t try and con me into a non-refundable treatment plan, she actually told me I’d only need 15 mins for my treatment so it would cost around £50. Much more reasonable!

During the treatment, you feel pin-like pricks as you are zapped but it’s nothing too uncomfortable and in my 15 mins, the therapist zapped all my milia and then offered to start the thread veins on my nose as we had time left. The nose hurt a bit but that provided instant results, the veins are pretty much gone!

As for the milia treatment, I had a rather blotchy red face afterwards and the next day. The advice is to leave your skin alone and be gentle with it as the treatment works and the skin heals over the next couple of weeks. What actually happened was the larger bumps rose to the surface of my skin and I was so keen to get them out, I squeezed them. This probably meant my healing process was longer and I definitely looked VILE during it but after a month my skin was totally fine. As the bumps weren’t easily visible beforehand, I couldn’t take photos to show you before and after but this whole review is purely because I’m so chuffed that I want others to know where to go and what to do.

Honestly, my skin is still far from flawless but it never has been great. What is important is the big bumps have gone and I am so much more confident now. I’ve also stopped picking at my skin because it bothers me so much less so it’s all round much better looking! If I went back for further treatment, my results could be even better but for now, I’m happy with what I have achieved. If you are feeling self conscious like I was, I really urge you to go for a consultation and then splurge that £50 to get some great results, it will transform your life! x

Review: No.7 Stay Perfect Long-Lasting Volume Mascara, Black


Way, way back in October, I reviewed a No.7 Stay Perfect foundation I had tried on my hunt for a decent foundation and mentioned that I had also tried a No.7 mascara at the same time. Well finally, I am going to give you some proper feedback on what I thought of it; it being No.7 Stay Perfect Long-Lasting Volume Mascara.

I believe I mentioned in the foundation review that I wasn’t a huge fan of the mascara and nowhere is this more evident than in the fact that I couldn’t really show you before and after pictures because they look so similar you can barely tell I’ve put anything on my lashes! The reason I went for this mascara was two-fold. One part was cost-based as I was pretty broke and needed both a mascara and a foundation so No.7’s offer to buy one and get one half price made perfect sense. The other is that this mascara works in a similar way to Clinique’s High Impact Curling Mascara which is a previous favourite of mine. (You can find out more about that here.)

No.7 Stay Perfect Long-Lasting Volume Mascara, £12.95

No.7 Stay Perfect Long-Lasting Volume Mascara, £12.95

As you can see in the picture, this little bad boy has one of the small, precision brushes which can be great at catching the smaller lashes. I’m used to a bigger brush but actually I don’t have any problem with this one, it does it’s job well.

Where this mascara starts to get tricky is layering. I personally think you may as well not bother with one coat of this mascara so you need to layer it on. However, the mascara gets tacky and dries really quickly so you need to be instantly layering more on otherwise the brush drags on the lashes and you end up with a horribly clumpy and uneven look.

Once on, the mascara does stay put well but I found that by the end of the day, some specs had started to melt off onto my face; this never happened with the Clinique. Removal of this mascara is a warm water based affair and you massage the mascara off in tubes. Except because this is so sticky you kind of have to pull it off and they didn’t advise me of this at the counter, I only knew because I’d done my research beforehand.

It’s a great concept but Clinique have done it much better so I’d say spend an extra £4 and get the Clinique version, your lashes will most definitely thank you for it!

Review: Nails Inc Kensington Church Street Snowflake Effect Polish

It’s no secret that I get far too excited about Christmas and start my celebrations at the time that everyone else is moaning about the fact that the shops have their decorations up already. So when I saw the Nails Inc Snowflake Effect nail polish, it was only a matter of days that I was able to contain myself before I popped into my local Debenhams and picked up a bottle to try out.

Nails Inc Sparkle

When you look at the bottle, it really does look like snow in a Nails Inc package so I was super excited to create snow on my nails 🙂 I’d read that they recommended you try it out over a nude type colour polish to get the best effect but I decided that I should probably try it out over both light and dark. Here is the result:


As always with sparkly polishes, it’s lost some of its life in the photo-taking process but I think you can get the idea by looking at the nail with the black base.

It’s a great polish and I really like the effect on my nude fingers but I’m wondering if it would look even better on a white base so if anyone’s tried that, I would love to know. Like all polishes which have chunky bits in, it can be awkward to apply as it’s slightly gloopy, you want to get some sort of even distribution across the nail and have to dab the end of the nail to get rid of pesky sparkle overhang!

Overall however, when I look at my nails right now I feel like Christmas has landed so it’s done it’s job and I’d pay my £12 all over again to enjoy that if I had to 🙂

Happy shopping! x

Review: No.7 Stay Perfect Foundation


Today I thought I’d get back to my foundation hunt and update you on another of the products I have tried; this time it’s the turn of No. 7’s Stay Perfect Foundation.

After reading loads of great reviews about this foundation I figured I may as well give it a go. I don’t usually like No.7 products but I think this stems from an allergic reaction to a face wipe years ago so the time has come to try again. What really persuaded me to try it though was that they had a buy one, get one half price offer on their make-up and I needed a mascara too. (Review of the mascara later.) Anyway, I went to my local Boots and had the lady use the colour match gadget thingy to tell me which colour I should have. The answer was Calico but I don’t like to look as pale as I really am so we went a shade up to Cool Vanilla.

No. 7 Stay Perfect

In the shop I only had a small patch tested on me but I couldn’t really see it so I was happy enough to try it given the small amount of money I’d be parting with. The next morning I woke up excited to try out my new foundation but unfortunately that excitement didn’t last long.

I pumped the liquid out onto my foundation brush and then tried to sweep it across my face. I say tried because this stuff is horribly thick, it really requires  lot of effort to get it evenly distributed. I ended up using far too much make-up because it was just sticking to my face even though I’d just used a primer. Nevermind though, at least it was on.

Then I got to work and the natural light in the ladies’ here is brilliant…sadly for me. I realised the colour wasn’t just a shade darker than my skin but was actually brown. BROWN! Where the make-up had been so difficult to apply it was also very evident where I’d not quite got it perfectly right as my skin shone through like the moon at night. I looked plain dirty. This reminded me that the previous reason I hadn’t used No. 7 was because their foundations tend to run dark which is clearly not ideal for me.

I tried this for a few days to see if I could get used to it but the application was just as bad with or without primer, nevermind the colour issue. I’m not a fan and I would not recommend anybody try this out unless you’re trying to mimic some sort of skin condition!

Never fear though, there are more positive reviews to come on my foundation trail and believe it or not, I have actually found the one! x