The Best of The Rest

Yesterday I had some spare time as part of my lazy Sunday so I decided to mooch around the internet a bit and look at some of the results Google throws up beyond the first couple of pages. Specifically what I was looking for was online fashion stores that I didn’t previously know were there. It can be so easy to go to the same old sites…ASOS, Very, etc. but that can often mean you end up in the same get-up as your friends and tonnes of other people out there too!

There’s a fair bit of mooching still to go in order to find the real gems I know are out there but I have found some initial goodies. The first site I found which I hadn’t known was there is Promod. Promod is a French brand and when I was in Lille last year I found some funky t-shirts in their store, sadly the one I bought died in the first wash as it went in with a brand new duster! So now I am super excited to find them online and I found some good looking bargains too. Here are my faves:

I love this 60s inspired dress, the design is simple yet striking and the choice of colours is right up my alley! You can add this little beauty to your wardrobe for just £39.00.

Continuing with the 60s theme is this fab orange swing coat. Orange is such a big colour right now and it’s so good for autumn. Try it and you might just like it!

The coat is £95.00 but if you like it, it’ll be an investment piece you’ll be wearing almost non stop for months, if not years on end. Grab it now here.

Stepping aside from the 60s colour pop trend, I have also found some great British inspired treasures with much more traditional colour ways for winter in the UK.

I love this jacket so much! I would however, try it out with a dress and some biker boots for a more edgy look than they have here. It’s £47.00 but I think it’s one of those you could put with anything and definitely clash it with other colourways. If you were, however feeling a bit more conservative, perhaps on a work day, I think these shoes would look just fab with this jacket:

These are a total bargain at just £36.00 and would look totally hot with dresses as well.

In my next post I will tell you about the other sites I found but I just had to go first with Promod as there were so many tasty items 🙂

As an FYI, I am not being paid by Promod, I just love their stuff!!!

Anyone else got any good “secret” online stores they have found? x

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