Friday Lust

It’s been ages since I’ve written a Friday Lust post and that’s mainly because I’ve only been window (internet) shopping for things I can afford. But then Selfridges sent me an email with a link to this:

Pink Sequins

Sequin two

L.K. Bennett x Preen Sonic Dark Pink Sequin Dress, £550

If you aren’t wowed, it’s because you need to go online and see it properly – do it now!

Sequin 3

I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeed it. Might have to sell my house… 

Friday Lust

This week’s Friday Lust is simple, classy and bold all in one and it costs far more than I can afford. This really is one to watch out for in the sale. Coming in at £165 from Oasis is this Leather Cutwork Detail Dress:

Zoomed in, check out the detailing at the top

If you’re a classic pear like me / bordering on the athletic when you’ve not eaten too many choccies then this dress is very flattering. I’ve always wanted to own a leather dress and this one actually looks wearable, I could totally imagine myself in it. Oasis clothes also tend to be cut to flatter so I can’t imagine this being anything other than perfect.

This is a serious lust piece for me and I’ve got everything crossed I can nab one at some point in the future. I just LOVE how they’ve made the leather look so delicate and feminine 🙂

Oh how I love window shopping!!! x

Friday Lust

Happy Friday everyone! Today is pay day for me but I need to be wise and save my pennies because I’ve splurged a lot recently and need to pay something off my credit card…eek! However, that does not stop me window shopping and adding things to my “if this goes in a sale, I’ll definitely get it” list. Here’s is today’s piece of eye candy:

ASOS Pencil Dress In Dogtooth And Animal Print, £40.00

Animal print and dogtooth in one dress, I LOVE IT! I may not be able to hold out until I have spare pennies, it’s just too amazing. If you feel the same as me, get yours here 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your day, we are so nearly at the weekend!!! x

Sunday Splurge

This afternoon I needed to pop into town to run a couple of errands and somehow I got distracted and ended up having a general mooch…town is a dangerous place for a shopaholic! Anyhow, what really caught my eye was Oasis’ 20% off dresses offer…hello! I actually went in to see if they had a rust coloured maxi I had fallen in love with online but that’s not what I came out with. They did have the rust coloured maxi and it was nice but it didn’t look quite as good on me as this one did:

Oasis Tribal Print Maxi Dress

Look how fit the back is!

I love this dress! It’s not the sort of pattern I usually go for but it’s just so flattering when it’s on. If you want one, they are £60 (£48 with today’s discount) and you get buy them online here. I think they come up relatively big; I tried the small and the XS and whilst both fitted, the XS was just a bit better round the top and I’m usually a size 10.

Tall girls, this is the maxi you have been waiting for. I’m only around 5’7″ in height and often I struggle to find a maxi that’s long enough not to look stupid with flats, never mind heels. Well, this one I could definitely wear with heels so that means that it should be long enough for you tall ladies to wear with flats, maybe even some small heels!

It was a naughty splurge but I do have a wedding reception to go to in 2 weeks and it’ll look great for that! Hope you’ve all had a super Sunday x

Blingtastic! (AKA My Crimbo Party Outfit)

Last night was finally the night of the work Christmas party, (in my case, the ex-work party) and thus the time to dress up for no other reason that you can…it’s allowed at Christmas parties! As always, the party dress shopping was a stressful event which started with me buying 1 dress and then deciding it wasn’t right as I’m a bit on the chunky side ATM, which was followed by a hunt for a whole new outfit. However, I found my outfit – in fact I found loads of things I wanted to wear and I wore them all! Check this out:

Ignore my grumpy face – the bf took a great one with no flash and then caught me in this bizarre pose!

The dress is black with silver sequins but these are cleverly toned down by having a layer of sheer black fabric over the top. Luckily for me, as it was my second dress, I picked this bad boy up for about £30 in Zara. The jacket with it’s blingin’ shoulders is last year’s H&M; the tights are Pretty Polly and totally take the outfit OTT but I LOVE THEM! They are plain black at the back as well. The boots are River Island, £95 (and a size smaller than my usual 7 which is awesome!); the bag is ancient River Island; the watch DKNY; the matching ring and necklace are from Azendi (necklace’s first outing as it was a b’day gift from the bf) and the other necklace was about £200 but I cannot remember where from and finally, the cuff is from H&M and is mega sparkly! Phew! A long list for a super OTT outfit but I loved it and had to share it.

Anyone else had any brilliant Crimbo outfits? And what’s the plan on the New Year’s outfits – no idea what mine will be!?!


Versace for H&M? I Prefer H&M for H&M!

I am ashamed to admit it but I was one of those crazy people who spent a whole morning online trying to get my hands on some Versace for H&M gear when it launched. Though, I must clarify, I wanted it for myself, I wasn’t trying to buy it for eBay! I’m not sure quite what came over me, I’ve not been interested in any of H&M’s previous designer collaborations but something about this collection just caught my eye.

So, I duly spent hours trying to get onto the website and then another couple of hours trying to checkout, lost an item from my bag at checkout stage but finally purchased the following:

I was so excited and couldn’t wait for my order to arrive…but I had to. It took over a week for my order to reach my doorstep which is crazy! I know they were inundated but they should have predicted that and had the infrastructure in place.

Eventually, my order did show up and…what a let down! The items were very poorly fitting, came up small in strange places – such as my arms appear to be too long, well I couldn’t get the underarm seams anywhere near my underarms without looking silly anyway. Loads of the tassels started falling off the heart print dress as well, not what you expect for a dress that cost somewhere in the £100 region. Not only that but the dresses just didn’t look or feel anywhere near as good as I expected, I’ve had many clothes from the usual H&M range which were better quality and a fraction of the price. Designer collaboration, you let me down!

Who else bought some of the range, is anybody happy with what they received??? x

Stage 1 of the Dream Becomes Reality!

For absolutely ages now I have dreamed of owning my own little boutique, selling unique items from local designers. I’m not going to lie and say I’m course for that yet but I have taken my first baby step. I’ve opened my own eBay shop…and I’ve applied for a business bank account too.

I am super excited and just hoping to break even with the small amount of stock I have bought so far. At the moment it’s all looking good 🙂 I’ve bought a few ex chainstore dresses and bags which are amazing bargains so hopefully lots of people beyond just my family and friends will be interested.

Here’s my store, remember that it’s in its infancy!

Once I’ve made some money then I’ll be able to be a bit more adventurous and hold more stock / venture out into the big wide world to find it. If anyone has any great sources or wants to sell via someone else’s eBay shop, do let me know.

Have also managed to secure myself a Christmas temp role so a bit of the money pressure is off for the next few weeks…phew! Here’s to the future and my dad’s advice of JFDI! Until next time…x

Christmas Party Outfits for £50!

Here it is, the first part of my Christmas party outfits for £50 installment! I’ve decided to run this in a couple of parts as I’ve found so many amazing clothes and I’d like more feedback from people on what they want to see on here. You’ll notice that these are not just amazing dresses for under £50 but they come complete with footwear and accessories too; perfect for any budget fashionista! Today I’m showcasing 3 outfits that follow this year’s celeb trend of  winter colour.

Outfit number 1:

Dress – £25.00 –

Shoes – £20.00 – Priceless Shoes

Cuff – £3.99 – H&M (available in gold and silver)

Total: £48.99

What an absolute bargain to be bang on trend with the dipped hem, chiffon dress and the Christmas bling as well!

Outfit number 2:

Please excuse the photography of the dress – not such great pictures as the previous outfit!

Dress – £17.00 – Primark

Shoes – £8.99 – eBay (here)

Bag – £11.99 – New Look (reduced from £15.99)

Faux Fur Collar – £10.50 – ASOS (reduced from £15.00)

Total: £48.48

The dress is a stunning bluey purple which hasn’t photographed that well and feels lovely to the touch, in a stretch fabric to hug you in all the right places. Great for ladies with a larger bust as well. Also – check out the bargains you can find in the sale remnants, some things are perfect for picking up your party outfits 🙂

Outfit number 3:

Dress – £12.50 – ASOS (reduced from £36.00)

Boots – £29.99 – New Look (also come with black glitter wedge)

Bag – £7.99 – New Look

Total: £50.48   (I figure that rounds down to £50)

I know this outfit isn’t the most fashion forward ensemble you’ll ever see but I love it and it totally sums up my style so I had to include it. The dress is such a bargain and with sequins and pink in one, how can it be wrong!?! I love the boots and the gold wedge totally adds another dimension and stops this outfit becoming too Barbie doll – you’ll notice the tiny bit of gold on the bag too 🙂

Give me your feedback – what else do you want to see? I’ve got loads! The best thing is that the accessories mix and match with most outfits so they’re even more bargainous! x

Another Party Season Look-a-Like

I’m still in the process of working out just what will make it into my favourite party outfits under £50, so I have seen a lot of party clothes now and I keep spotting fabulous low-budget imitations of higher end high street favourites.

Today my spot is a brilliant sequinned Boohoo number which is just like the French Connection Samantha dress which has been seen on celebs all over the show recently. The good news for us is that the Boohoo version is just £35 vs. £165 for the French Connection number. Here’s the French Connection dress (no black ones online):

And this is the Boohoo beauty:

I think you’ll agree, it’s a pretty sexy sequinned number and looks far more expensive than it is. Happy shopping! x

Dress for Less (Party Style)

Today I finally got to working on my Christmas party outfit post – all outfits will be under £50 and I mean it. Not Gok Wan style under £50 when you have to customise and accessorise so much it’s more like £500, actually under £50! Anyhow, whilst doing my research I found a fabulous party dress I just had to show you all – it’s a bargain buy but it so reminds me of a dress I am in love with.

If I had more money than I do, I would buy this beautiful Rare Opulence dress for my Christmas party, I love it so much!

It’s just the right mix of attention grabbing and classy but unfortunately for me, £175 is rather over budget. What I found today was the following Amys of Paris dress on the Tesco website for just £35. (A bit pricey for my outfit under £50 post.)

The instant I saw it, it reminded me of the Rare Opulence dress and it’s such a bargain for a dress that looks so good. If I didn’t already have my party dress sorted I would definitely have been placing an order.

Anyone else found any good dress-a-likes??? x