Welcome to My Scary Age


I’m so sorry for my incredible tardiness in writing this post but there has just been absolutely loads going on! Since I last posted, (just over a month ago) I’ve done the following:

  • Worked in Barcelona for a week for Events work experience with a very well-respected global company
  • Had some epic red streaks popped into my hair
  • Been to Reykjavik for a long weekend with my sister
  • Had several job interviews, been offered, accepted and started in a new job
  • Turned 28 (!!!)
  • Put my Xmas decs up, completed most of my Crimbo shopping
  • Viewed numerous flats and houses and signed up to move with one of my best mates at the end of January

28So you can see it’s all go in my world, lots of things are changing and obviously I’ve been working Monday to Friday and living my “normal” life in amongst these things too. I will catch up with my product reviews, etc. soon, but first I wanted to focus on the fact that I have now reached what I have always called my “scary age” which is 28. Yes, I am 28. When I write it, it doesn’t seem quite possible that I could be that age. 28 is a grown up age, 28 is when people do or have done things like getting married and having babies; 28 is plain old SCARY!

Except it’s not. I’ve reached it and I’m not scared, I’m actually more excited about the future than I have been for quite some time. I finally have a job that I’m genuinely excited about, I’m not faking it this time and that’s because I chose this job myself. I did consult others on my decision but I didn’t feel obliged to take anything that I didn’t think would be perfect for me. I’ve also got the big move-in with a friend to look forward to which is fantastic 🙂 Mainly though, I just feel content. I’ve had over a year of not being in a serious relationship so I’ve had enough time to finally work on myself, shed some of those issues that have held me back and work out what makes me happy and how I want to live my life. There are no babies and there is no boyfriend, never mind a marriage; those aren’t things I’ve ever really wanted so why would I have them by now!?!

I’ve discovered a scary age is only scary if you think you have to achieve goals that aren’t yours by the time you get there. I still have no desire to have a baby, I don’t own a house and quite frankly I don’t care. I’m working on reaching the house goal but before I started that, I worked on reaching the happiness goal and now I’ve finally succeeded in that, I’m not going to jeopardise that by trying to follow the crowd. So here I am at my scary age, definitely approaching 30 now and I can’t wait to see what the next few years have in store. Bring on the fun! x

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