It’s Not My Fault If You Take Offence…

Yes, yes, I know I’ve just stolen a line from the Rizzle Kicks’ Lost Generation song but I think they have a point. Here’s what they say:

“Why is everybody so PC?
It’s not my fault if you take offence”

Recently there seems to have been a whole raft of popular blog posts which are essentially based on people taking offence to one thing or another and it doesn’t stop there. How many of you have noticed an increasing number of FB statuses from people moaning about something they’re offended by? I’m British for goodness’ sake, whatever happened to the stiff upper lip and not airing your dirty laundry in public!?! Ok, so that was a joke but seriously, have people always been so sensitive or is it just now that we have these epic moaning platforms that they feel the need to jump on any high horse that’s riding past?

If we really do live in an era and society of free speech then quite frankly, the person who offended you has just as much right to publicity as you do. Not only that, but why is everyone taking things so personally? Are people really so egotistical as to assume the “offensive comment / gesture / image” was aimed at them? Directly at them…by a complete stranger…really??? Like, really??? Perhaps people need to get a grip and understand their own insignificance a little more. What entertains one will not entertain all; in fact, some people might well find it distasteful. However, in my book that’s not really any different to the way that I loooooooooove chocolate fudge cake but my friend would rather have a pear compote or some other such vile thing for dessert. We have different tastes and like different things. This difference is what makes the world go round.

Yes, I concede that I’ve used a trivial example and sometimes people do deliberately set out to hurt other people. On the flip side though, it’s always up to the individual whether they choose to take offence or whether they just let it wash over them. You can’t really say somebody “doesn’t have the right” to say something because they do and most often, they already have. It’s done. If you wish to contradict their point then by all means do so, but stop banding around this”offense” that everybody seems to be taking. It’s not big, it’s not clever and nobody respects you for being “offended”.

And that was today’s rant. And yes, I did start a sentence with “and”. Twice! Deal with it 😉 x

One thought on “It’s Not My Fault If You Take Offence…

  1. I take offence at your starting sentences with ‘and’ ;P
    Great post, I completely agree – when did everyone get so het up with everyone else’s opinions!?

    Jess xo

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