Curtain Up

Well well well, what a lot has happened since the last post…my spare time seems to now be completely oriented around theatre fun times!

Firstly I saw Breathing Corpses at the Progress Theatre which was brilliant, the set was very clever and the acting talent was as always, the cream of the crop. Even more gutted that I was not a part of that now! Randomly also bumped into someone the other half knows and had to deal with being referred to as his “girlfriend” right there on the spot! He assures me I managed this perfectly well with only the slightest of flinches at hearing that word.

Then, free theatre tickets entered my life from a very cool colleague who is on a list for free tickets. As such, I found myself sitting in the very cosy Duchess Theatre in London last Thursday watching Michael Gambon in Krapp’s Last Tape. Having never read the play, or indeed heard of it before, I had no idea what to expect. Pleasingly it opened with some rather immature banana based humour (yes you can guess!) and then progressed into what for me is becoming typical of Beckett plays, a piece of text which leaves me questioning what on earth I just heard and witnessed. It was however very good and Gambon’s physicality of the character was superb…highly recommended if you can go.

The next day we also had free tickets to see The Railway Children but unfortunately my stomach had decided to try and kill me so we missed out. Very cool colleague and her bf went however and said that the set is super, though the play itself did seem rather long. All in all, good reviews though and another show recommended for viewing. Should tickets come up again, I may trot on down.

Next week…more theatre in Thursday, this time back at the Hexagon with the girls. Mentals! Apparently moderation and I don’t mix; I think this theatre binge must be similar to the way eating 1 chocolate out of the box never happens; always the whole box. Also randomly, the way you get more horny when you have lots of sex and go off it when you’re having none! It’s a funny old world!

Aside from theatre, I finally seem to be making actual progress on my path to “sortedness”. Apparently the way forward to be pushy and moan! Well, I kept moaning about being bored at work and now I have a brand new challenge which is making the days absolutely fly by…get in there! Though days are flying enough anyway as speaking to my sister today on FB, I realised I have no free weekend time to go and see her until December…how did that happen!?! Loving the idea of this party season though, think it’s going to be the best ever! Have also potentially found a solution to my body playing silly buggers and for the first time in months, I am not exhausted….winning all round!

So all in all, this week I am a winner. I am spending lots of time doing things I love, with people I love and at the same time managing to move forward at work. It really is the case that you win some, you lose some…I’d just never realised the “some” refers to weeks. Armed with this piece of information, I can now approach my weeks in a much more productive way; I shall sleep through those which appear to be write offs and plough through 24/7 in the winning weeks, plan or what!?!

Finally, right now there is only 1 thing bugging me and that is that I know people read this, my dashboard tells me so…please leave me comments…I just want 1!!! If you do, I will love you forever (or not if that scares you!).

Thankies!!! x

One thought on “Curtain Up

  1. I shall comment – your life is so much busier and better! You see relaxed and Sam is back again.
    I love that you are out there and sorting things out!

    Done – x

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