Exercise…How is this good for me!?!

OMG…have just exercised for what could well be the first time in literally years! I must however point out that I have not gone totally mad, I did follow this exercise with eating far too much chocolate…wouldn’t want to actually lose weight because then I couldn’t moan about my thighs any more!

Not only have I exercised but I have also broken a sweat…yes actual beads of watery type stuff appeared on my forehead…mental! This could not have been at a much worse time as I then saw a very attractive man in the car park who had handily parked next to me. He did “check me out” and I had a good look back, though I fear I may be kidding myself and actually he was wondering what the hell I had been doing in the gym to come out looking quite so shit!!! What I had been doing was in fact a class with the most hideous name ever…Step: Bums and Guts. Apparently I am now so obese that I have a gut rather than a slight tummy, shock tactics are clearly working though as I did attend. Luckily next week’s class clashes with a theatre trip…oh darn!

I’m thinking maybe restricting my exercise to the odd go-karting session when I’m at work may be the way forward, not least because I seem to be good at that as it requires no co-ordination and impatience is actually a bonus!

Right, exercise rant over, time to hang out my washed and wet laundry before bed. Over and out x

2 thoughts on “Exercise…How is this good for me!?!

  1. Dear 20-Something Freak. As per your previous blog, I thought it pertinent to leave a comment.

    Your blog entertains both me and my friends, we feel your life is a little bit tragic and we enjoy it. Please keep it up, although your blog is no bridget jones, it certainly makes my life look better.

    Good luck with the exercise and go-karting.



    1. Hi Tracey,

      Thank you very much for your comment; I think I have now found my purpose…entertaining others with my tragedy!

      Keep reading and I hope to hear from you and / or your friends soon 🙂

      20-Something Freak x

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