The 5:2 Diet; One I Can Finally Stick To?

I’m sure you’ve all heard about this diet that is everywhere at the moment, a bit like the Atkins diet was a few years ago now. It’s essentially the one where you eat normally 5 days a week and practice some sort of fasting for the other 2 days. I’ve heard it called loads of different things and have also read about quite a few variations along with it so I’ve kind of created my own version and I think it could be the one for me!

Based on what I have most commonly read, I will be eating “normally” for 5 days every week and consuming just 600 calories for the other 2 days. I think “normally” means you can have anything within reason but no binge eating so I will carry on as I am but just cut out some of the excessive amount of chocolate I usually consume. As for my 2 days of “fasting”, I will be separating those out and they will fall on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Some argue that there are a lot of health risks associated with this diet but so far most of the evidence suggests it could actually be good for the body to eat this way and can reduce the risk of some cancers and diabetes. I’m working on the basis that it will reduce the amount of sugar I consume and force me to increase the amount of veg. I eat in order to stay within my calorie limit and also feel full.

Today is my first 600 calorie Tuesday and considering I usually eat like a horse, I really don’t think it’s going to badly. I had a carefully weighed out portion of porridge this morning which I made with water and flavoured with cinnamon. That kept me going until lunch when I had a large tuna salad… even including some low fat salad cream and for dinner I’ll probably do myself some roasted veg. with gravy. All in all, that’s a far healthier menu than I would normally work to and because I know it’s only for 1 day, I can easily push my cravings to the side. That all-too-familiar panic of wondering how I will keep this up for months hasn’t set in.

For the first time in ages, I actually feel like I’ve found something I can stick to that will make me just that little bit healthier and shave a few pounds off my thighs and I have just the right amount of time to do this before I go on holiday…perfect!

Have any of you tried this diet? Did you find it easy to stick to it? What were the results like? Let me know! x

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