Friday Lust

This week’s Friday Lust is literally as me as you can get, in fact it is something I have been dreaming of owning for a good 10 years now! Check this out:

Zara: Blazer £69.99, Trousers £35.99

Zara: Blazer £69.99, Trousers £35.99

I don’t know why but I have always wanted a fuchsia suit, ever since my 6th form prom when I was unable to get one and had to settle for a dress instead. For me it seems a bit much to spend over £100 on something that realistically I’ll only wear a very limited number of times but my justification is that actually you can totally wear the individual pieces with loads of other outfits too so really you could get tonnes of wear out of this little ensemble!

I’m going to put my order in right now… please do not judge me, hopefully you’ll agree that this is simply a must have for someone like me!

Happy post-pay-day Friday my little shopper friends! x

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