Did Someone Say Comfy Sofas…???

The day has finally arrived! It feels like I’ve been waiting an eternity when actually it’s been a mere 2 months out of an anticipated 3. MY SOFAS ARE HERE!

A few months ago the bf and I trawled all of the local furniture shops looking for something that was both sexy and comfy but nada. Then I saw that CSL were opening in Brent Cross and my dreams came true. The selection they had put smelly old DFS to shame! So we sat through multiple credit checks as they got our details wrong time and again and eventually, we ordered a sexual black leather 2 and 3 seater Bergamo sofa…FIT! The bf even let me go for the more expensive leather just because I thought it looked a bit more funky – job done.

All we had to do then was wait…and wait…and curse our stinky old broken sofa bed until I got The Call. “Your sofas are ready for delivery, please ring to arrange a time”. I’ve never dialled a number so fast as I did that day and here is the result:

 It’s not the best picture in the world but I wanted to get them both in and show how well they go with Zebedee (the real zebra skin lying on the floor). Finally, my house is looking snuggly and gorgeous, just in time for us to start putting up Xmas decs. Yes I said Xmas decs and I don’t feel any shame in that even if it is only October!

Big love from a happy Sam! x

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