Rant-a-thon…and snow!

Yesterday the bf and I went to London and had an awesome day out, visiting the London Dungeons, having our photo taken by Aviva on the South Bank and even fitting in a spot of shopping. Not only that, but I had been super proactive and had the bf take photos of my outfit before we left so that I could write about it on here as it was super fit, bargainous and ideal for a day on my feet. However, Nokia got in my way. 

Today I decided to run the software updates my phone has been asking me to run so I updated my version of Nokia Ovi Suite on my laptop, restarted and then plugged the phone in to update that…easy! Or so I thought until the phone backup crashed the update and broke my phone. I now have a phone that won’t even turn on all because I tried to improve some things I no doubt would not have even noticed! ARGH!!!

It then gets better. I rang O2 to ask what I should do and the guy on the other end of the phone was super helpful. He told me it sounded like something had gone wrong and that it was probably to do with the software. Thanks a bunch genius!!! He didn’t get it when I said it didn’t sound like he knew what he was doing – he asked me what I would like him to say. How about anything that makes it sound like you know more than me! You are meant to be the expert! Nokia and O2 – you both fail, though to be fair, Nokia, you have been failing the whole year I have had my phone so it’s no change for you.

Phew! Rant done! Now on to more fun things like Christmas! Yes I said Christmas, I love it and I don’t care when you think Christmas starts, for me, some of the prep is being put in now!

Yesterday in Selfridges a demo lady presented with what I can only describe as a little bit of heaven…snow!!! This awesome snow is a powder which you add water to and it turns into fake snow. It feels really realistic and is a must for us here in the UK as we so cannot guarantee snow at Christmas. For just £15.00 ish I bought myself a box of snow powder ready to be put under the tree at Christmas so the bf and I can settle our presents in snow. Check out a link to it here: http://www.smartoys.co.uk/Instant_Snow.php – it’s literally the best thing I have seen in years and it got me so excited for Christmas.

My next mission will be working on some gluten free puff pastry to make sausage rolls with – this might take me a few goes so best to start now and there is a lot going on between now and Christmas.

Don’t worry, not all instalments between now and Christmas will be about Christmas, but you can expect it to crop up a few times 🙂

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