It’s Getting Hot in Here!

My latest adventure happened on Wednesday night when some brave girlfriends and I decided that we would take up the challenge of Hot Yoga or Bikram Yoga as it is otherwise called. I’d not heard of this until a friend suggested it and upon taking her up, I discovered another friend of mine had been there and done it before. Essentially it’s yoga in a hot room – doesn’t sound too challenging but the alarm bells did start ringing when my more experienced friend said that the challenge in the first session is just to stay in the room, even if you have to give up on the exercises!

Our venue is, I believe the only venue in Reading, Studio 42 which is very centrally located and actually part of the complex of apartments I want to move to so first impressions were good. As I walked in to the reception I started to worry as even in there I was very warm but once I’d got my outdoor gear off I was fine. Then we had to stand in line as the previous class left the room. One girl was literally beetroot colour and from that point I knew I was doomed!

As you can imagine, the room itself was rather stuffy and had a delightful smell of BO but actually wasn’t too hot…until the tutor put the heat on ridiculously high. From thereon in, it was one of the most unpleasant experiences of my life – aside from blood tests and having teeth pulled that is. My friends didn’t look like they suffered as much as I did but I was literally covered in sweat from top to toe and had sweat dripping from my chest into my face as I positioned myself in Downward Facing Dog – eugh!

The last time I took a yoga class my only criticism was that it was too relaxing for me to want to take it on a Saturday morning. This time, I could not relax at all because of the sweat situation. It was just so vile and so distracting. Apparently most people leave the class feeling cleansed and like they only want to drink water and eat fruit. I left feeling sticky and starving. The class was at 8pm and you can’t eat 3 hours beforehand so I didn’t get dinner until 9.45pm…not good for a foodie like me! I promptly gorged on toast and kettle chips…oops!

However, my friends did enjoy the class and are heading back so if you like sweating or don’t sweat like a man, maybe it’s for you. Me, I much preferred boot camp and felt far more cleansed after running around in the great outdoors!

Until my next adventure…  x

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