If the Shoe Fits…Buy It!

Yesterday was one of those days when I went out on a mission to find myself some new shoes and I was determined not to settle for a pair which squished my toes so I spent a long time in town. I tried my usual suspects and spent an age in Dune but the only pair that fitted were far too high with a very skinny heel  so I just know I wouldn’t wear them much as they’re not easy to walk in so I did the sensible thing and walked away – actually walked away!

Bear in mind that I was looking for a stylish shoe, not just any old shoe that fits but something I want to wear as well, my challenge became much greater. I went to Schuh, Next, River Island, Debenhams, John Lewis, Office, New Look, Clarks, Jones the Bootmaker, House of Fraser – all after my Dune visit and I failed over and over again! I was getting super depressed, to the point that I had decided I could definitely look a bit wider than entirely practical and that just being able to walk in the damn things would do. Then I went to a shop I normally overlook as the one in Reading is a bit shite…Topshop.

Look what I found:

For once they are the shoes I really wanted, I went in, saw them, wanted them and got them! Even better, all of this for £68!

Now, let’s not get carried away, they’re not perfect. The main flaw is at the front, the shoes are rather deep so there is a gap between shoe and toes but even my normal footed friends are finding this atm. I’m solving this by adding in party feet and also tights tend to bridge that gap quite a bit. There is also a tiny bit of a gap behind my heels but my feet stay still because of the laced bit in the middle so I can deal with that no problem – maybe some heel grip things in there! Oh, and the laces are massively long but that’s easily fixable.

To a normal person I appreciate this seems extreme and a normal person would probably rule these out as poorly fitting but as a narrow footed freak, this to me is a small price to pay for a fit pair of shoes, especially as they don’t squash my toes!

This small victory has made my week and I just had to share with my fellow foot freaks! x

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