When the Shoes Make the Outfit

Sometimes in life, you have your mind set on something so much that you just can’t adapt or change, it just has to be the way you imagined it. So what happens when we can’t find what we imagined and there’s no way around it, shoes for example fall into this category. When you dream up your perfect pair and you can’t find them, there’s very little you can do to change it. This happens even more regularly if you are someone like me and have slightly unusually sized feet, either on the short, long, wide or narrow side.

Well I am here to tell you there is a solution and for those of us in the UK, it’s just on our doorstep and it’s sooooooo much fun! Upper Street London is my new best friend…they make shoes, lots of beautiful shoes designed by fabulous women just like us! Here is their website, seriously check this out. If you register you can create designs for your ideal pairs of shoes and save them into your collection and then when you’ve made your mind up, you can go right ahead and order them, even if your feet aren’t quite a standard size.

Now you may wonder what the point is in designing your own shoes if you’re only going to have to pay more for them but let me put it to you like this… you could buy 2 or 3 pairs of high end high street shoes that loads of other people have which you like OR, you could buy 1 pair of custom designed, 1 of a kind shoes that you absolutely love and can’t wait to wear with anything AND you know they’ll fit like a glove because they’ll keep adjusting them until they do 🙂

I went to meet the Upper Street crew yesterday at their studio in London and not only are they lovely people but it meant I got to see some shoes and feel some fabric swatches. Well, the shoes are gorgeous and not a splodge of glue anywhere (Primark and New Look I’m looking at you!) and the fabrics are super luxurious. When they say leather, they mean leather, none of this leather effect malarky, only the real deal. Seriously, have a play on their website and then add your favourites to your Christmas list, I really don’t think you’ll be disappointed. I’m just deciding which ones my wardrobe is most in need of myself!

Here are a couple of the designs I have stored in my collection to get you started off:

Animal Hair with Leather Toe, Back and Heel and Silver Studs

Patent Turquoise and Fuschia Leather with Silver Studs

If you can’t see what you’re looking for, give them a call as some things aren’t on the website. Much love and happy designing! x

Early Season Must Have Shoes

February can be an awkward time for shopping; our finances finally start to regain some balance after the blowout festive season so we want to treat ourselves to something new after making it through January, however the shops are slap bang between seasons. If you take a walk down your local high street today, you’ll probably find a lot of shops midway through clearing out the sale stock in preparation for the new season and a few rails of new season stock they’ve already put out.

Yesterday, for example, a Saturday shopping day in Reading, I saw Debenhams moving rails around with whole areas of almost empty space, New Look completely moving their shoe department around with vast empty spaces, Schuh completely closed for refurb. and that’s just a few. So where do you go to buy your treat and how do you know it’s going to last you through the S/S season? Look online! Many retailers have a much wider selection of the new season stock online already so I thought I’d share with you some fabulous, budget friendly shoes that I’ve found which are bang on trend for next season.

New Season Must Have Shoes

1. These are my absolute favourites, love, love, love! If my feet weren’t so crazy narrow I would order them today. These babies are from Dune and come in at £99.00, also in a blue/green colourway. I know they’re a bit pricey but they are so amazing, it’s definitely worth the stretch! 

2. Metallics on the feet are huge for S/S and given the our summers in the UK tend not to be the warmest ever, I thought what better than a peep toe shoe boot!?! You’ll find these at River Island for £70.00.

3. Another River Island wonder, these beauties are working the colour clashing trend which is already all over the high street, this summer is about statement shoes and that they are. At just £40.00 you can’t go wrong!

4. The classic court, a wardrobe staple all year round. This summer we should be channelling our inner Carrie Bradshaw and working this elegant pointed style. Get yours at Zara for £39.99.

5. More of the colour clashing trend but I had to include these as they are so purse friendly and totally summery in their sandal style. Grab them in New Look for £19.99.

6. There’s a reason New Look has won awards for their shoes, these platform courts are rocking the brightly coloured floral print that is about to be all over shoes and feet near you! These also come in a slightly darker colourway, more blue / purple if that’s more your style but they’re both selling out quick so grab yours now for just £27.99.

Hopefully that’s provided you with some shoe-spiration…happy shopping! x

Christmas Party Outfits for £50!

Here it is, the first part of my Christmas party outfits for £50 installment! I’ve decided to run this in a couple of parts as I’ve found so many amazing clothes and I’d like more feedback from people on what they want to see on here. You’ll notice that these are not just amazing dresses for under £50 but they come complete with footwear and accessories too; perfect for any budget fashionista! Today I’m showcasing 3 outfits that follow this year’s celeb trend of  winter colour.

Outfit number 1:

Dress – £25.00 – desireclothing.co.uk

Shoes – £20.00 – Priceless Shoes

Cuff – £3.99 – H&M (available in gold and silver)

Total: £48.99

What an absolute bargain to be bang on trend with the dipped hem, chiffon dress and the Christmas bling as well!

Outfit number 2:

Please excuse the photography of the dress – not such great pictures as the previous outfit!

Dress – £17.00 – Primark

Shoes – £8.99 – eBay (here)

Bag – £11.99 – New Look (reduced from £15.99)

Faux Fur Collar – £10.50 – ASOS (reduced from £15.00)

Total: £48.48

The dress is a stunning bluey purple which hasn’t photographed that well and feels lovely to the touch, in a stretch fabric to hug you in all the right places. Great for ladies with a larger bust as well. Also – check out the bargains you can find in the sale remnants, some things are perfect for picking up your party outfits 🙂

Outfit number 3:

Dress – £12.50 – ASOS (reduced from £36.00)

Boots – £29.99 – New Look (also come with black glitter wedge)

Bag – £7.99 – New Look

Total: £50.48   (I figure that rounds down to £50)

I know this outfit isn’t the most fashion forward ensemble you’ll ever see but I love it and it totally sums up my style so I had to include it. The dress is such a bargain and with sequins and pink in one, how can it be wrong!?! I love the boots and the gold wedge totally adds another dimension and stops this outfit becoming too Barbie doll – you’ll notice the tiny bit of gold on the bag too 🙂

Give me your feedback – what else do you want to see? I’ve got loads! The best thing is that the accessories mix and match with most outfits so they’re even more bargainous! x

Today I Wore it Well

Today was one of those days when pieces from my wardrobe seemed to just fall together and create an outfit that I absolutely loved – I felt fab. in what I wore to work today so I thought I’d share it. It’s nothing massively out there but it might just inspire somebody else. Here it is:

Ignoring my awkward pose – would much rather I had a mannequin to display the outfit on, here’s what I wore:

Dress – my pink 60s dress I got in the Oasis sale for just £20 a couple of months ago – love it.

Over the dress is a gold and silver cardie hidden by the coat, it’s a Gold by Giles for New Look beauty I’ve had for ages.

Then…my new coat! My bargainous ASOS Premium buy which I got half price in an ASOS Savvy Sunday event the other week 🙂 I’ve already had heaps of comments on this bad boy.

If you look footwards, you’ll also find my recent Dune purchase, I love the tan with the pink and black. All of this is accessorised with my pink and black Shellac nails, favourite Azendi ring and Tommy and Kate satchel style bag I got on eBay a couple of months ago and haven’t put down since!

What have you been wearing today to spice up winter in the office??? x

New Season, New Look

Today’s much chillier weather than the past few weeks has, for me, really marked the beginning of winter in the UK. I love the winter – welcome back! However, it also marked the time to update some of the old winter work wear I have worn to death over the past year, not least because I am on the hunt for a new job. My ideal is a multi-functional wardrobe, with plenty of items that look great outside the office as well as at my desk.

Last week, I just happened to be browsing my Look magazine when I spotted some awesome leopard print shoe boots from New Look which I just had to track down on their website. Well, well, well, when I got to the website, not only did I find those but I also found a zebra print version! I literally could not believe my luck and all for under £40! I then had a little mooch, added a plain black top and found a gorgeous red pussybow blouse, in the sale for under £10! Love, love, love. Check out what I bought:

I am so happy with my new purchases – having tried them on today, they definitely fit and look super hot whilst making just the kind of statement I want to make. The only downer is that outside the office they would look great with some black skinny jeans…I broke the zip on my black skinny jeans the other day! Hmm…wonder what I’ll be purchasing next!?!

Laters my lovelies! x