Review – Chanel Inimitable Intense Mascara, Purple

The lucky devil that I am, my bf went to the USA this week for work and brought me back a Chanel mascara in a purple colour without even asking because he knows that I LOVE mascara and that my eyes are my favourite feature. Ashamed as I am to say this at 26 years old, this was my first ever Chanel product of any kind so for me it was doubly special 🙂

The mascara he bought me is the Inimitable Intense mascara in shade 50, purple. If you want to get your hands on one of these, Debenhams currently have them as part of a savings event so they are £20.70, rather than the usual £23.00.

First thing’s first, let’s look at the brush:

As the picture shows, the brush is small, thin and spiky; for me this is the perfect type of mascara brush. I know some people probably don’t like this but I find it makes it really easy to build up volume depending on the occasion and these types of brushes are good at separating the lashes.

The colour is a deep, plum purple which would be ideal for the AW season with all the berry tones out there, if it wasn’t for the fact that actually it comes out pretty much black when you apply it. I thought maybe it was the light and I needed to be somewhere brighter than my energy-saving bulbs would allow but no, you really just cannot see the purple tone when it’s on lashes as dark as mine.

The second picture is a bit darker as I had to turn the flash off but I wanted to show you what my lashes looked like when I wasn’t sleeping! You get the gist though, no purple on those lashes!

However, if you take the purple out of the picture, I love this mascara, it made my lashes curly nicely and I felt a little bit like I was wearing falsies as they were so long and nicely separated. The staying power is great too, I put that on in the morning before work, worked in a hot office all day, came home to add more eye shadow then went to the theatre and then to Tesco afterwards and still my lashes looked amazing without even a tiny smudge to add to my already epic dark circles! Now that is some feat that not even my precious Lancome mascara has managed.

In all honesty I’d never looked at Chanel make-up before, I’d just assumed the price tags would be so hefty that I wouldn’t be able to afford it. This mascara has totally changed my mind though; having to look at the price tag for this blog post has made me realise what an amazing product it is for the price. They do need to do some work on their colourings but if you were just out to buy a standard black mascara then this is one I would highly recommend. You get the butterflies of owning a brand like Chanel and then you get beautiful lashes to flutter as well – bargain! Anyone else a fan of Chanel’s mascara? Can anyone recommend any of their other products which are particularly good? x