Friday Lust

It’s been ages since I’ve written a Friday Lust post and that’s mainly because I’ve only been window (internet) shopping for things I can afford. But then Selfridges sent me an email with a link to this:

Pink Sequins

Sequin two

L.K. Bennett x Preen Sonic Dark Pink Sequin Dress, £550

If you aren’t wowed, it’s because you need to go online and see it properly – do it now!

Sequin 3

I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeed it. Might have to sell my house… 

Friday Lust

It’s back…I actually have 30 seconds when I’m not exhausted and I’m able to pull together a quick blog post. I’ve only gone and produced a Friday Lust post!!!

Check these absolute beauties out:

Moda in Pelle Tavani Boots, £189.95 - HoF or Moda in Pelle

Moda in Pelle Tavani Boots, £189.95 – HoF or Moda in Pelle

You might not love leopard as much as I do, but to me those boots are heavenly. They’re leopard, they’re furry and the heel is low enough that you could actually walk in them. WIN!

What’s also a win is that while these would have been totally out of my league a couple of years ago, I might just be able to afford them. Love, love, love!

Happy pay-day shopping weekend everyone. Oh, and obviously there’s that Halloween stuff happening tomorrow too 🙂 x

Friday Lust!

Well hello there, it’s that time of the week again…it’s FRIDAY!

You’ll notice a strong commonality between this and my previous Friday Lust post; they’re both red. I love red at the best of times but I always become especially obsessed around the beginning of the AW season when the berry tones start coming back in.

This for me represents the ultimate in simple but statement elegance and I wish I had a party that would justify the purchase!

Reiss Jasmine Dress, £245

Reiss Jasmine Dress, £245

It’s just that little bit too expensive to buy on a whim but if I reach a weight loss goal I have set myself, I’ll buy it then if it’s still available in my size. Now there’s an incentive to skinny on down!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone 🙂 x

Friday Lust

It’s back! Friday Lust is here again and it’s here because there’s something I’m coveting which I really can’t afford but I want to look at it over and over again nonetheless.

Here is the item of beauty I am talking about:

Look at its beauty, it’s bright, bold, unashamed red; the wonderfully soft leather; the crisp silver zips. I’m in love! I love leather jackets anyway and this year I’ve decided that I’ll buy myself a red one as that’s what’s missing from my collection but now I’ve seen this beauty, nothing else will do and I just don’t have that kinda money sitting in the bank right now.

Bring on the AW fashion; my favourite time of the year! Happy Friday everyone x

Friday Lust

It’s that time of the week again, the time when our minds turn to shopping and the damage we’ll do to our credit cards this weekend!

This week’s Friday lust is a bit forward thinking as it’s really more of a summer thing but it’s a summer thing I’m coveting nonetheless.

Here it is:

Pretty Ballerinas Charlize, 199 Euros

Pretty Ballerinas Charlize, 199 Euros

Observe the sleek lines, the beautiful shade of nude, the shiny patent and the gorgeous pink sole. What a shoe! I LOVE IT! I may well order some of these when we get a bit nearer to the warm weather and I’ll totally be able to justify it by telling myself that they’re practical because they’re flat 🙂

Happy shopping, everyone x

Friday Lust!

It has been FOREVER since I last did a Friday lust and since we’re now back in the comfort zone of having money to burn post Christmas and New Year slump, I thought I’d catch up and put something out there that’s on my radar of potential items to own in the near future!

This week I’ve gone for a double whammy, with the simpler, more affordable (and more likely) version of something I love and the super bling-ed up version that I’ll probably only ever dream of. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Sam Edelman Hobo bag…

Sam Edelman Fringe Hobo, £278.94,

Sam Edelman Fringe Hobo, £278.94

Sam Edelman Studded Hobo, £419.82

Sam Edelman Studded Hobo, £419.82

I love both of these bags so much it’s unreal. By the time I’ve added on shipping and taxes to bring them in from the UK, the price is just crazy so I think they’ll remain pipedreams!

If anyone’s seen any equally gorgeous hobo bags, I’d love to know as I really want one but not just any old bag, I’m looking for one that stands out from the crowd like these do but perhaps at a slight more purse friendly tariff 🙂

Happy shopping, everyone! x

Friday Lust


It’s been a while since I did a Friday lust so it’s about time I got back on it. Recently I have been obsessed with Ted Baker and I mean obsessed, I literally want to own their whole collection but sadly my bank balance won’t permit such extravagant behaviour!

I’ve most recently been loving two things; their Wallpaper Print design and their collection of shorts, check out the Wallpaper Print:

Wallpaper Print Floral Print Top, £69

Wallpaper Print Floral Print Top, £69

Then yesterday, I was flicking through this week’s Look magazine when I spotted something amazing – a pair of shorts that combine a very similar print with the fact that they are shorts. My two current faves! Perfect!!!

Lavish Alice, Tropical Print Multicoloured Tailored Shorts, £32

Lavish Alice, Tropical Print Multicoloured Tailored Shorts, £32

Just look at the similarity and £32 for these shorts! It’s like all my dreams came true! So whilst I still love the Ted Baker stuff, I’m plenty happy to save my pennies and get exactly what I want for a fraction of the cost. This is my first Lavish Alice order so fingers crossed they impress me 🙂

Happy Friday shoppers! x


Friday Lust

Hello friends!

Friday Lust is back! I’ve been a bit poorly this week so I decided to cheer myself up with some online window shopping and it’s led me down a new path I never thought I’d consider. I’ve ended up looking at trainers! Yes, trainers. Last weekend I went on an unexpectedly long walk and realised my boots just weren’t that comfortable and wished I was the sort of person to rock trainers on a weekend. Now trainers are historically pretty un-fashion friendly but I’ve seen soooooo many cool pairs on the high street recently that I figured there must be a pair out there waiting for me. Then I discovered NikeID and now I am in love and teetering on the edge of bankruptcy; I’ve designed a pair I really, really, really want and really, really, really can’t afford. Here they are:

Nike Air Force 1 High Premium ID - £175

Nike Air Force 1 High Premium ID – £175

Just look at that! Animal print plus pink, plus the hard edge of the black and it’s all in one shoe! OMG!!! I’d have to sell all my other shoes and wear them every single day to get them but the longing I feel for these right now is beyond a joke! Watch this space for me advertising the sale of everything I own on eBay 🙂

Happy Friday my little shopper friends x

Friday Lust

By the time you are reading this, & Other Stories, the latest installment from the company behind H&M will actually be open, how very exciting!!!

Having subscribed to their pre-shopping, I would describe the collection as COS with a quirky edge. Everything looks very well made and of beautiful quality and it comes with some extra artistic flair, almost what you’d get if you crossed H&M and COS. One item grabbed my eye so much that it just had to be my Friday Lust, here it is:

Leather Shoulder Bag in Mint, £95

Leather Shoulder Bag in Mint, £95

Just look at the detailing on that! Mint green is one of my favourite summer shades anyway, (currently rocking it on my finger nails) but this bag just takes it up a notch for me. I LOVE that gold stud detailing. I’ve been struggling to find good bags in the region of £100 recently so this may just be my saviour…now to find the £100 I’ve already spent!!!

Check out for the rest of the collection and let me know what you think 🙂 x

Friday Lust

Hello my lovelies, it’s that time of the week again when we can all get super excited about the weekend and it’s also nearly pay day so we can start planning what we are going to spend our hard earned pennies on next month 🙂

Despite the rather chilly turn of the weather, I can’t stop thinking about the summer so this week’s Friday lust is another summer buy but I saw them and fell in love, that’s all there is to it!

Melissa Incence Wing, £90

Melissa Incence Wing, £90

Just look at them!!! They’re feminine, cute, sophisticated and part of the monochrome trend that is so big right now all at once…literally perfect! I know £90 sounds a little bit steep but for something as beautiful and striking as these shoes, personally I think it’s pennies and I need to lose weight anyway so bye bye food, hello shoes!

I hope I’ve inspired you to start making a list of all that you want to buy when pay day finally arrives; remember to think Spring/Summer despite the ice on your car windscreen 🙂

Happy Friday! x