Review – Avon Ideal Flawless Foundation, Ivory

Avon Ideal Flawless Cream to Powder Foundation, £12

Avon Ideal Flawless Cream to Powder Foundation, £12

It’s been a looooooooong time since I wrote a product review but I’ve recently bought a whole heap of new beauty products so I’ll try my best to get through a few reviews, though I do often break my blog-promises (sorry!).

I’m not really sure what possessed me to try out a new foundation because I’m actually perfectly happy with what I already have but I found myself ordering it because it was pretty cheap and had some great reviews. I’m not usually an Avon customer but I fancied trying something completely different so I threw caution to the wind and here I am now!

The product I’m reviewing is Avon’s Ideal Flawless Foundation in the Ivory shade. I was a bit worried about the colour as many reviews say that the colours come up quite dark and I have to say I agree. I wouldn’t call this shade ivory at all, more like orange (it’s much darker than the picture shows). Much like I wouldn’t call this a medium to full coverage foundation, more of a barely there finish – which is how I got away with wearing orange foundation all day! I’ve tried to take photos of me wearing it but it just looks like my naked skin, all of my pores are visible, the unevenness of my skin tone punches you in the face and the dark circles under my eyes are enhanced by the dark, dull colour of the foundation (see below image).

My pore-filled face with this foundation on

My pore-filled face with this foundation on

It has a strange consistency when it goes on; I found the whole cream-to-powder thing really means it glides on but then feels like it’s drying your face out as it dries. It also doesn’t absorb any oil; by 2pm I had a full-on oil slick for a nose which, I must say, isn’t my favourite look. 

Even the packaging failed to excite me; the box is a cheap plastic black thing and the sponge is totally the wrong shape for trying to apply foundation to a whole face, it’s more of a powder your nose sponge. I really wanted to like this product but it just does nothing for me. If you have great skin and just like to wear make-up then it might work well but if you have imperfections like I do, it actually enhances them rather than concealing them. This is not the one for me; sorry Avon. 

Review: No.7 Stay Perfect Foundation


Today I thought I’d get back to my foundation hunt and update you on another of the products I have tried; this time it’s the turn of No. 7’s Stay Perfect Foundation.

After reading loads of great reviews about this foundation I figured I may as well give it a go. I don’t usually like No.7 products but I think this stems from an allergic reaction to a face wipe years ago so the time has come to try again. What really persuaded me to try it though was that they had a buy one, get one half price offer on their make-up and I needed a mascara too. (Review of the mascara later.) Anyway, I went to my local Boots and had the lady use the colour match gadget thingy to tell me which colour I should have. The answer was Calico but I don’t like to look as pale as I really am so we went a shade up to Cool Vanilla.

No. 7 Stay Perfect

In the shop I only had a small patch tested on me but I couldn’t really see it so I was happy enough to try it given the small amount of money I’d be parting with. The next morning I woke up excited to try out my new foundation but unfortunately that excitement didn’t last long.

I pumped the liquid out onto my foundation brush and then tried to sweep it across my face. I say tried because this stuff is horribly thick, it really requires  lot of effort to get it evenly distributed. I ended up using far too much make-up because it was just sticking to my face even though I’d just used a primer. Nevermind though, at least it was on.

Then I got to work and the natural light in the ladies’ here is brilliant…sadly for me. I realised the colour wasn’t just a shade darker than my skin but was actually brown. BROWN! Where the make-up had been so difficult to apply it was also very evident where I’d not quite got it perfectly right as my skin shone through like the moon at night. I looked plain dirty. This reminded me that the previous reason I hadn’t used No. 7 was because their foundations tend to run dark which is clearly not ideal for me.

I tried this for a few days to see if I could get used to it but the application was just as bad with or without primer, nevermind the colour issue. I’m not a fan and I would not recommend anybody try this out unless you’re trying to mimic some sort of skin condition!

Never fear though, there are more positive reviews to come on my foundation trail and believe it or not, I have actually found the one! x

Review: B. Youthful Anti-Ageing Foundation

‘Ello, ‘ello!

Recently I have resumed the hunt for a decent foundation which I originally started last year following the discontinuation of Clinique’s Repairwear Anti-Ageing foundation. I have been using the Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions foundation in the meantime but it’s not a 100% match to my skin tone, even in the lightest shade. I also find that it has a tendency to slide off of my oily bits and stick on my dry bits. It’s not bad but it doesn’t match my old favourite.

So, I have picked up the search again and after scouring the net, I have tried a few budget and more premium foundations and will be delivering my verdicts here. This has been a bit costly as I’ve been having shop assistants con me into thinking I looked good, only to apply the foundation at home and realise I look like I’ve been Tangoed. Finally today I have plucked up the courage to demand samples to take away before I buy so fingers crossed I won’t make another erroneous purchase.

First up in the “erroneous purchases” category is B. Youthful Anti-Ageing Foundation which you can buy in Superdrug.

B. Flawless Coverage Foundation

I tried this foundation in the lightest shade they offer, 010 Linen. First off, let’s talk about the colour…I actually like the colour. If you are really, really pale you might find there isn’t a shade light enough for you but I’m paler than most people and I liked this colour. It is slightly darker than my skin but gives it a healthy glow without looking orange.

That’s it for the positives. Something I wasn’t expecting was that this foundation is actually fragranced; as I usually use fragrance free products I found it strange being able to smell my own face on the bus this morning. Others may like that. More importantly, I just don’t like this foundation. Yes, I have taken into account the cost of it and no, I still don’t think it’s worth the money.

Pumping this out onto my foundation brush, I thought the bottle needed a good shake because it was so runny but after a good shake it seemed to be the same. Still I gave it the benefit of the doubt but then it made me late this morning because it was so tricky to apply. It’s watery consistency means that it’s almost impossible to get it streak free. When I did finally get it looking ok, I made the mistake of raising my eyebrows. This instantly ruined the look as the foundation on my forehead all gathered in my expression lines. I’m only 27 but I looked about 40 this morning with all that make-up in my fine lines; ironic that an anti-ageing foundation should have this effect!

Coverage with this isn’t really medium, I’d say it’s light to medium and that was with the benefit of a primer underneath. I really didn’t feel like this covered up any of my imperfections even after 2 layers and it’s just so awkward to apply because of the consistency that I would not recommend it to anyone, regardless of skin type. Even when I used my fingers as the website recommends, I just found myself with messy hands rather than a pretty face.

If you do want to try it though, it’s usually priced at £10.99 but is currently on offer so is just £7.32 so now would be a good time to give it a bash. Loads of people have given it positive reviews so maybe it’s just my face it disagrees with! x

Review – Makeup Academy (MUA) BB Foundation

As regular readers who have read my review of Maybelline’s Dream Nude Airfoam Foundation will know, I have begun a quest looking for a lighter feeling foundation to replace my Clinique Repairwear Anti-Ageing Foundation which I’ve been using for the past few years. I love my Clinique foundation but my skin has been rather rubbish recently so I’ve been hoping to find a lighter foundation for days when it’s not too covered in blemishes in the hope that it will improve a bit.

However, my start with the Maybelline  foundation didn’t go too well and I was still on my quest. BB creams and foundations are massive at the moment so I thought I’d try one of those and after some quick Googling to see what was out there, I thought I’d try the Makeup Academy (MUA) BB Foundation. At just £4 for a tube, I figured that no matter what I thought, it would definitely be worth a try. You can buy most MUA makeup in Superdrug stores but my local store didn’t seem to have any of this so I used their online shop and the delivery was really quick.

MUA BB Foundation

The first downside which I’ve noticed other people commenting on as well is that the foundation only comes in 3 colours; Light, Medium and Dark. Given my rather porcelain complexion, I figured Light would be the best shade for me. Shockingly, although I usually have the lightest shade of all foundations, the Light colour was a bit too light for me. The foundation was the same colour as the lightest parts of my skin which meant that I just looked that little bit too pale and slightly less healthy than the glow my Clinique gives me.

Applying the foundation isn’t great, it’s really quite thick and despite it being a BB foundation, I really felt like I still needed a primer underneath to help it smooth over my skin. Coverage-wise however, it really came into its own; I would never have expected such good coverage from a bargain foundation. It evened out my skin tone well and covered my enlarged T-zone pores as well. It didn’t look like that by the end of the day, I’d say you’d  need a lunchtime top-up if you wanted to look flawless for a whole day but not bad for the price.

However, when I got home that evening, I did have a few blemishes that I hadn’t started the day with. I wasn’t sure if that was just coincidence or not so I waited a few days and then gave it another go and it wasn’t as bad but I did end the day with a blemish that wasn’t there at the beginning. So, if you have blemish-prone skin, you should just keep a watch on this in case you experience the same.

The final thing that makes me question this foundation as a good choice for me is that unlike a lot of BB products, it’s not got any SPF. My current foundation is SPF 15 and for somebody as pale as me, that’s an absolute lifesaver in the summer months as I tend to burn if I so much as look at the sun.

Overall, for £4 a pop, I’d say this is a great product. However, if you’re used to the staying power of something higher quality, I’d say give it a miss. It would be excellent for someone who has good skin and only wears makeup for nights out and therefore only needs a base for other makeup and for it to last a few hours at a time.

Unfortunately for me, after trying this, I decided that sticking with my current foundation would probably be the way forward for now. However, when I went to buy some more last week, I was informed that it has been discontinued; the one I bought was pretty much the last one in Reading in my colour. Therefore, my hunt will continue so watch this space for more foundation reviews and please do let me know if you have any ideas! x

Review Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam Foundation

Unfortunately I am not one of those lucky people blessed with flawless skin, (unlike my sister…argh!) and so I’m always on the lookout for a foundation with great coverage which feels nice and light on my skin.

I usually use Clinique’s Repairwear Anti-Ageing Makeup on the majority of my face and then Clinique’s Superbalanced Makeup on my forehead. My forehead can sometimes get quite dry so I have to wear a lighter foundation; I also find that thick foundations can cling around my eyebrows and hairline which is never a good look! This combination works well and covers me nicely from morning until evening and reflects light well in photos so I look like a porcelain doll 🙂

However, the foundation is pretty thick and I would like something budget friendly that’s a bit lighter, especially for the Summer. So, when I was in Boots on Saturday and I spotted the new Maybelline Dream Airfoam range on offer for just under £7 each, I thought I’d give it a bash. Being the English rose that I am, I went for the lightest shade, Ivory which actually isn’t that pale…I can only just get away with it!

I have to say this is not like any foundation I have ever used before. First lesson is that you MUST shake it lots before you depress the pump. If you don’t, you get unpigmented foam which is no good to man nor beast. Secondly, pressing the pump with the right pressure is an art, one that I have yet to master! It’s just like hair mousse so it grows in your hand and then starts fizzing away to nothing so if you take too much, it will just be wasted. Thirdly, application is messy. You have to pump it into your hand and then use the fingers of your other hand to apply. This is a whole extra hand’s worth of mess than I would normally have when applying foundation.

Yesterday was the first day that I wore the foundation and I have to say I wasn’t hugely impressed. Where my skin really needs coverage is my nose and chin and I had to use two layers of foundation on those areas to feel confident enough to leave the house. It also did nothing for the dark circles under my eyes, that job was left entirely to my concealer. Then to top it off, I looked dirty. I don’t think the colour was too dark, (not that there is a lighter shade) I just don’t think it reflects the light in the way that my Clinique foundations do. However, I was determined to give it a proper test so off I went to work with it…

Around 5pm when I popped to the ladies’, I noticed in the mirror that suddenly I was looking pretty minging. The foundation had clumped onto areas of slightly dry skin which meant I had a patch on my forehead and lines down the sides of my nose. Where it hadn’t clumped, it had pretty much slid off in the heat of the office. Not impressed! Sorry I have no pictures of any of this, none of my photo-taking devices are good enough to pick up this level of detail!

Essentially, if you have perfect skin and don’t need a foundation, this might work for you. Though in that instance, I would recommend a tinted moisturiser instead. If your skin is uneven in tone, has large pores, is dry or oily in any way, shape or form, I would avoid this. It’s messy to apply and the results just aren’t worth effort; spend a bit more and hop on over to the Clinique counter, they’ll be able to help you there. x