Friday Lust

Well it’s that time of the week again when I find it incredibly hard to maintain any self control and not splurge on something new just to celebrate the fact that it’s the weekend!

Anyone who knows me will know that I am partial to a bit of fringe detailing but rarely can you get away with it these days unless you go for a full cowgirl-style get up. However, one place it totally rocks is on your feet and luckily for me, the retailers seem to agree this season. Today’s Friday lust is these beautiful Kurt Geiger boots:

Kurt Geiger Serena, £150

Kurt Geiger Serena, £150

Studs and fringing and a cute cuban heel, what’s not to like??? Oh, right… the price tag is not to like for those of us on a budget. So…

Tesco F&F Fringe Detail Boots, £22

Tesco F&F Fringe Detail Boots, £22

Tesco to the rescue!!! I fully admit that given the choice I would rather be rocking the Kurt Geiger bad boys but if you’re on a budget like I am then you can’t go wrong with a £22 pair from the supermarket 🙂

Happy Friday and happy shopping everybody!!! x

My New Crush… F&F at Tesco Boots!

Last year I bought a pair of grey biker style ankle boots from Tesco which were so super comfy that when the chain on them broke I bought a second pair. (Benefits of bargain fashion right there!) An additional bonus for big foot me was that I needed the 6 as well so I felt like my feet were smaller than they actually are! However this year, the chain has broken on the second pair so I was left with a bit of a dilemma. Back to Tesco I went.

And the trip was rewarded, I found an awesome pair of ankle boots and an awesome pair of long boots – biker rather than riding style. Riding boots are a bit too dull for my liking.

Here are my ankle boots:

They are a bargain at only £19.50 and I wore mine all day last week walking around London when we went to the London Dungeons. They’re still for sale online: F&F Ankle Boots.

And here are my long boots, yet to be worn but that is purely due to the weather being unusually warm. This week is meant to be a lot colder so look out for some pics of them as part of an outfit. These are only £28.00 and also still available online: F&F Long Boots.

Anyone else got any bargainous boots yet this year? I’m so fickle that I’m always after a bargain as I know I’ll probably change my mind about what I want a couple of months later! Until next time x