Lucky for my breasts they’re small and humble…

So you don’t confuse them with mountains. Anyone else remember those Shakira lyrics from her debut hit way back when? For some of us you could replace the word “mountains” with mole hills and the lyrics would still retain their meaning but that’s just the way it is…or is it?

Unfortunately for those of us who are more modest of chest, the wider media doesn’t seem to share Shakira’s thinking. These days, if a woman doesn’t have a size 6 waist with a bust belonging to a size 16 lady attached, she could be forgiven for feeling overlooked, unattractive and plain old inadequate. There are precious few images of natural women; the media has forgotten that most of us skinny girls are also pretty flat chested – think Kate Hudson for a super hot example.

Flat Chested and Proud, Kate Hudson

Unfortunately, Cameroz Diaz was my other example and even she seems to have gone under the knife now!

The All Natural Cameron Diaz
The Bigger, (Better?) Cameron Diaz

Admittedly Cameron has had a natural looking enhancement rather than the football style we are used to seeing but this does just prove that natural role models are becoming fewer and further between on a daily basis. What natural is being replaced with is this:

Heidi Montag
Victoria Beckham
Katie Price

Personally I find it more acceptable that we are bombarded with images of glamour models with surgically enhanced chests, it’s their job and it’s easier to detach from those people than it is from some of the other women we are shown. Take Heidi Montag, she doesn’t really have a career any more so she had surgery; the same with a lot of the girls on the current Big Brother. Others like Victoria Beckham are intelligent and have super careers but just keep falling prey to the surgery bug. It seems that unless we are surgically enhanced these days, we just can’t reach that level of success.

Thinking about all of this led to me question why actual, real, non celebrity women are getting their boobs done and what the after effects really are. I wasn’t thinking about the PIP debacle, I just wanted to understand what has motivated real women to spend thousands or hard earned pounds on surgery and whether or not they still think they made the right decision. So I contacted an old school friend who agreed to help. She said she has never regretted her decision, (one that was made 6 years ago) and she’d answer my prying questions. That was a couple of days ago.

Today I got a response to my questions; I’d asked about how she chose her surgeon, what she thought of the result when she first saw it, whether she would consider further surgery and everything in between. Her response: she has found out she has PIP implants and now has a lot of unexpected pain and expense coming her way. I felt horrible and I feel for everyone in that situation, there was nothing they could have done to have checked that; they were relying on our government to quality check their product and they were failed.

So there is no interview, just what you see here on this page. However, it has brought me to a realisation: I don’t mind people having cosmetic surgery, I understand why you’d want it. However, there are some people having surgery because they think it will change all the bad things in their life and it won’t. Equally, there are people stretching their finances to the max. for surgery which means that when something like PIP comes along, they can’t afford to fix it. This is a horrible situation to be in so I suggest that unless you can afford the same amount of money again for corrective surgery, you should never have it. Surgery is permanent so make sure you really want it as the result is likely to be a smidgen different to what you expected.

Finally, what I see on this page is a whole host of beautiful women and Kate Hudson is not at the bottom of that list so for now I’m sticking just as I am, safe in the knowledge that my breasts won’t dimple, dent, rupture or stick out like I’ve stuffed my bra with melons! If you have had surgery and want to talk about the results you got, please do comment 🙂 x

Can Machines Really Make Me Beautiful?

In this modern world we inhabit today, there are more beauty treatments than ever and thus the pressure to be beautiful is also greater than ever. Our celebrities don’t age and are bullied by every magazine across the globe if they even dare to leave the house sans make up, so where does the boundary lie for the rest of us?

There is of course, the traditional make up and hair dye we can use to beautify ourselves and for must of us, these constitute a staple part of our beauty diet. Then there’s the rather more extreme surgery options which many investigate, fewer actually go ahead with and luckily very few use on a regular basis. Finally, there are all the procedures in between. I’m not talking Botox or Macrolane or indeed anything that enters the system, but rather the surface things which are stronger than make up.

You may be thinking tattoos right now but I’m not talking about that much of a change and not that permanent, but definitely at least that expensive. I’m talking about laser hair removal, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, these sorts of treatments – they cost a small fortune for those of us on the average income, but do they really make that much difference to our “beauty” or are they entirely psychological?

Now I am a big fan of the laser hair removal – not in beauty salons, that stuff is rubbish but in proper cosmetic centres it really works. However, having just impulse bought a session of microdermabrasion for £75, I’m not sure what  effect I thought it would have. To get good results I would need at least 6 sessions in fairly quick succession which I could have had for £399 but I don’t have that kind of cash. So instead, I have had 1 session and I am sure I could have achieved the same effect with my exfoliating gloves from Boots which cost a few quid. Why did I do it? Answer – it makes me feel more attractive. Granted, my skin actually looks worse at the moment but I feel clean on the inside and like I have more money than I really do. A celebrity would have done it this way so the fact that I have done it the same way must mean I am 1 step closer to that ethereal beauty I so desire. Am I heck!?! I’m just £75 poorer and all of my spots are on show!

How many other people are falling into these traps? Have any of you tried this sort of thing? Is it worth the money? x