Be Off with You!

This week I have started yet another crazy diet in my bid to eat better and rid myself of my horrible tummy issues and also of those excess pounds I seem to have gained over the last few months. (I am currently tipping the scales at over 9st 7lbs which is insane given that my target weight is 8st 7lbs!)

The thing I have found challenging in the past is that “normal” diets are not extreme enough for me to really register that I’m on a diet and therefore I just eat normally. The main problem with this is that it hurts my gut. However more extreme healthy diets are too extreme and I just can’t stick  to them so I end up over compensating by bingeing which undoes all of my good work!

This time, I may have come up with a solution. It starts off with a week of following this diet and then I will see how I feel. It should allow for a more gentle candida die off as well (see my Candida blog).  I am eating raw for breakfast and lunch and then having a normal dinner. I have included fruit, herbal tea infusions and humous in the “raw” in order to make this bearable and so far, so good. It is Monday and I am not starving at work! I will update you about the weight loss on here and about the candida effects on the other blog.

Recently I’ve been lacking energy so I have also added probiotics, Vitamin B complex and Korean Ginseng supplements to this and already I am feeling slightly more alert than usual. However, I do expect the candida die off to kick in soon which will not be fun.

Anyone just looking to lose some weight, this might be a great, healthy way for you to diet as you can eat as much as you like so long as it’s good stuff. Oh and you HAVE to include veggies, just fruit will not make for a healthy balance!

Let me know your thoughts people! x

I want to ride my bicycle…

Super quick post, I just have to share this with the world…I exercised again today! Go me, I am so proud!

The bf and I went for a bike ride in the woods which I’d like to say went swimmingly but in all honesty I was a bit grumpy to start with. This was my second time riding in about the last 8 years and the woods was difficult, too many trees with their stupid roots making it all really tough! So I moaned and grumbled until we came out of the woods and down a road. So glad we did, the road was a steep hill so we whizzed down it, I felt a bit like a dog with its head out of the car window with the wind sailing past my ears. We saw Mapledurham House to our right and then cycled back along The Warren admiring all of the posh riverside properties. Lovely! In total we descended and then ascended about 1000ft and rode / walked a bit for 5miles according to the iPhone app he used! I am so super proud I just had to share it!

That is all 🙂

PS Having written my previous post, I decided to set up a separate blog for my candida diet journey, this can be found here so check it out: Candida Free

Candida Get Out!

Ok, so here I am again determined to battle through my digestive hard times. Having scoured the net for the last 3 years and been to many doctor’s appointments (to no avail), I am now fairly certain that Candida is behind how rubbish I have felt for the last few years.

So…here I go on the diet, hardcoring it this time, have bought a special cookbook and everything! Today is day 2 and I am just dying for something sweet, even just some fruit!

I’d like to invite anyone that thinks they are suffering or knows they are suffering with Candida to join me on this journey and share your experience – safety in numbers and all that!

For those of you who are not sure if this is for you, here’s a quick checklist of the symptoms to watch out for:

And that is just some of it! Please post a comment if you’d like any advice or want to join me on the diet – I can post diet tips and recipes if you want! lol!
Self motivation is key and I’m hoping that writing this will help – wish me luck 🙂 x