New Bra, New Me!

Last weekend I popped into town with the BF to do nothing more than a spot of present buying and look for a nude bra; with the appearance of the sunshine, I realised just how grey and old my existing one is and how much I wear it in the summer. My shopping trip had been wholly unsuccessful when I decided to pop into Kings Walk, Reading’s boutique shopping centre to see whether the chocolate shop was open. It wasn’t, but Pudding, the lingerie store was and the BF suggested I give it a bash as part of my bra hunt.

Now, I’d not previously ventured into Pudding as the prices are a little bit above what I’d normally spend on my underwear and to be honest, with my chest, I couldn’t see the point. However, the sun was shining and I decided to give it a go so in I trotted…

Well, first thing’s first, I nearly toppled over as almost instantly I was asked if I needed any help. I’m not used to good customer service, it shocked the life out of me so I politely declined, saying I was just looking. The sales assistant persisted and I confessed what I was really looking for. I was completely unprepared for what followed; she suggested that a fitting would be the best way to know what I should buy. Something in me seemingly malfunctioned and I agreed – yes the BF was stood right there, next to me at the time!

Normally, I don’t really care how my bras fit as being small chested, I figure I really don’t need the support that the larger chested women of the world need. However, to the fitting room I walked in my used-to-be-neon-pink but now is dirty pink La Senza bra, (I hadn’t expected it to be seen publicly) thanking heavens I had one of my best fitting bras on. Apparently it doesn’t fit. Apparently I’m not a 34 or a B (or an A as I also wear). It would appear that I am a 32 and a C, or a D in some bras.

Not only did I get it really wrong but I don’t know how I was so far off the mark!  There was no tape measure involved, I was fitted by somebody looking at me and the size I was currently wearing then bringing in what they thought  would fit me. They were right. I look at my chest every day and simply had not noticed it was all wrong.

Here’s what I bought (note, the lack of nude bra – these are much prettier):

I won’t lie, these cost me what I would consider to be a LOT of money – over £300 quid for that little haul. But, and this is a big BUT… I chose some of the most expensive styles (you could halve this) and they fit me amazingly well. I’ve got stunning undies which hardly anyone else will have (I love being unique), they fit me really well, they aren’t padded yet somehow my boobs look better than they do with padded bras and I received amazing customer service.  This is not to mention the fact that I supported an independent local business which there seem to be fewer and fewer of these days. I couldn’t be happier and can’t wait until I can afford to replace all of my undies with such pretty lingerie!

It might seem insignificant to some but for me, this was a real eye opener and proved to me why I should reconsider buying lots of cheap clothing and look at buying less but choosing items which will last and which I love. It also demonstrated why losing independent shops is much worse than most people realise; we’re losing service, expertise and those unique finds which make us feel special. So I urge you to venture outside of the big chains and get yourselves to a proper lingerie shop; it’ll make your chain store dresses look much nicer on your new silhouette!

If you like the sound of Pudding, you can shop online worldwide via their website:

Big love x

Happy Valentine’s Day to Me!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Whilst I’m not a huge one for buying into the heart shaped everything and sudden pretence that dead relationships are amazing, I do love a good celebration so I hope you’re all having a good day. Personally, I think Valentine’s day is more fun for singletons than couples as they tend to make more effort than most couples; though that is a complete assumption as I haven’t been single on Valentine’s day for 12 years…I’m only 26! Believe me though, that is not bragging, I should definitely have been single for a few of those years, I’ve stayed in some beyond dead relationships for far too long!

However, I am currently in a relationship which is very much alive and we are having a super low key Valentine’s so I thought I’d buy us both a treat in the form of new underwear for me…yes, I am that selfish! So here is what I bought:

Boux Avenue, Tori

This is just the sort of thing I like, sexy without being tacky, though I must say I don’t look quite as amazing in mine as the model does here! This set was my first foray into the world of Boux Avenue and I’ve been very impressed. I ordered my lovely new undies on the weekend and they were delivered on Monday which is brilliant.

However, what I really love is the fit. If you are a regular reader, by now you have probably seen from my pictures and figured from previous posts that I am not exactly a busty lady…quite the opposite! This means that often I wear pretty extreme padded bras, La Senza triple gel style and they’re not that comfy but most other bras just don’t do my assets any favours. If you are the same, buy this bra! It’s not heavily padded, it just fits really well and gives you a lovely shape whilst being super comfy. I am in love! So this is my new obsession and I can’t wait until the next pay day so I can replace more of my undies with Boux Avenue beauties.

Now I have raved about my underwear, have yourselves a safe and sexy Valentine’s day and if you have any tips on where to get great undies, especially if you are larger of chest, then do let me know…I have a friend who’d love hear from you! x