Happy Birthday, Mum!

I’m not normally one for doing this and I’ll be completely honest and say that some years my mum’s birthday comes and goes without me really noticing, but this year is different. Although it’s been very nearly, (give it 10 days) 13 years since my mum died, I’ve missed her more than I usually do this last year. Lots of things have been changing and I think when that happens it can be easy to panic and revert back to the childhood longing for your mummy. That’s certainly what I’ve done anyway. I have a great substitute mummy in my step-mum but sometimes it would be just awesome if I could have both. Yes, I’m that greedy that I’d like two mothers!

So I thought this year I’d make it public and remind the world (and myself) that today is my mum’s birthday. It may be other things to other people but from where I stand, that’s the most important thing about today. My sister recently visited my mum’s grave and took this lovely picture so I’m stealing it and sharing it:


So here it is…


I hope they have cake wherever you are now, but just in case they don’t I’ll eat double to cover your portion! xxx