Friday Lust

Welcome to the first Friday of 2013!!!

I thought about picking an awesome sale item for this week’s Friday lust and then I decided that would be aiming too low. The new year is all about aspirations and how we are going to beat the previous year. So… I have gone for something at quite the other end of the scale but it’s a purchase that I am hoping to make providing I am good at my new job. Here it is:

Marni Studded Bi-Coloured Tote, £875

Marni Studded Bi-Coloured Tote, £875

Ok, so the bag may be £875 in Selfridges but who cares!?! I’ve fallen in love with it’s beautifully simple yet quirky design. Neutral colours aren’t normally my thing but somehow, with the addition of some gold studs and the gorgeous boxy shape of this bag, I’m loving neutral right now. You just know this is a bag that will last and last and looking like that, it’s sure to be a classic that will carry you through many years. Have I sold it to myself enough yet???

Just as soon as I have earned at least half the price, the rest can go on the credit card because I have never had a bag crush like this! Right there is my motivation to work REALLY hard this quarter!

Happy Friday my lovelies 🙂 x


Stage 1 of the Dream Becomes Reality!

For absolutely ages now I have dreamed of owning my own little boutique, selling unique items from local designers. I’m not going to lie and say I’m course for that yet but I have taken my first baby step. I’ve opened my own eBay shop…and I’ve applied for a business bank account too.

I am super excited and just hoping to break even with the small amount of stock I have bought so far. At the moment it’s all looking good 🙂 I’ve bought a few ex chainstore dresses and bags which are amazing bargains so hopefully lots of people beyond just my family and friends will be interested.

Here’s my store, remember that it’s in its infancy!

Once I’ve made some money then I’ll be able to be a bit more adventurous and hold more stock / venture out into the big wide world to find it. If anyone has any great sources or wants to sell via someone else’s eBay shop, do let me know.

Have also managed to secure myself a Christmas temp role so a bit of the money pressure is off for the next few weeks…phew! Here’s to the future and my dad’s advice of JFDI! Until next time…x