Friday Lust

It’s back…I actually have 30 seconds when I’m not exhausted and I’m able to pull together a quick blog post. I’ve only gone and produced a Friday Lust post!!!

Check these absolute beauties out:

Moda in Pelle Tavani Boots, £189.95 - HoF or Moda in Pelle

Moda in Pelle Tavani Boots, £189.95 – HoF or Moda in Pelle

You might not love leopard as much as I do, but to me those boots are heavenly. They’re leopard, they’re furry and the heel is low enough that you could actually walk in them. WIN!

What’s also a win is that while these would have been totally out of my league a couple of years ago, I might just be able to afford them. Love, love, love!

Happy pay-day shopping weekend everyone. Oh, and obviously there’s that Halloween stuff happening tomorrow too 🙂 x

Friday Lust

Hello friends!

Friday Lust is back! I’ve been a bit poorly this week so I decided to cheer myself up with some online window shopping and it’s led me down a new path I never thought I’d consider. I’ve ended up looking at trainers! Yes, trainers. Last weekend I went on an unexpectedly long walk and realised my boots just weren’t that comfortable and wished I was the sort of person to rock trainers on a weekend. Now trainers are historically pretty un-fashion friendly but I’ve seen soooooo many cool pairs on the high street recently that I figured there must be a pair out there waiting for me. Then I discovered NikeID and now I am in love and teetering on the edge of bankruptcy; I’ve designed a pair I really, really, really want and really, really, really can’t afford. Here they are:

Nike Air Force 1 High Premium ID - £175

Nike Air Force 1 High Premium ID – £175

Just look at that! Animal print plus pink, plus the hard edge of the black and it’s all in one shoe! OMG!!! I’d have to sell all my other shoes and wear them every single day to get them but the longing I feel for these right now is beyond a joke! Watch this space for me advertising the sale of everything I own on eBay 🙂

Happy Friday my little shopper friends x

LFW – Burberry

Generally speaking when LFW comes around, I avoid blogging about it like the plague. I’m not one of the fortunate few who is invited along to any shows so I tend to leave the commentary to those who are. However, I stumbled upon an absolute gem from Burberry which was that they had put their show on their website for streaming so this time I couldn’t resist just a little comment on what I saw!

Burberry isn’t normally a label I especially lust after, I often find their collections just a bit boring and reserved for my liking but this show contained some really wearable pieces which I have found myself wishing I could afford so I figured they were worth a blog mention 🙂

In case you don’t already know, I love all things girly and animal print so prepared to be surprised by what I have chosen!

Mink Gabardine Trench Coat

Mink Gabardine Trench Coat

In my humble opinion, that is just the most beautiful trench coat I have ever seen! I did also spot some men’s shoes in the show which were the same animal print…I just need to find a guy who’d be prepared to wear them now!

The Little Crush In Heart Print Calfskin And Leather, £850

The Little Crush In Heart Print Calfskin And Leather, £850

This little beauty is available to buy now! I know I’ve picked 2 things which are really similar but I love hearts and I love animal print…and then Burberry combined the two so what was I supposed to do, ignore it!?! Hell no! Now I just need to earn me some commission so I can maybe buy half of one of those bags at some point by the time I am 50!!!

If you want to watch the show, you can find it here.

Happy LFW everyone! x


Friday Lust

Happy Friday everyone! Today is pay day for me but I need to be wise and save my pennies because I’ve splurged a lot recently and need to pay something off my credit card…eek! However, that does not stop me window shopping and adding things to my “if this goes in a sale, I’ll definitely get it” list. Here’s is today’s piece of eye candy:

ASOS Pencil Dress In Dogtooth And Animal Print, £40.00

Animal print and dogtooth in one dress, I LOVE IT! I may not be able to hold out until I have spare pennies, it’s just too amazing. If you feel the same as me, get yours here 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your day, we are so nearly at the weekend!!! x

New Season, New Look

Today’s much chillier weather than the past few weeks has, for me, really marked the beginning of winter in the UK. I love the winter – welcome back! However, it also marked the time to update some of the old winter work wear I have worn to death over the past year, not least because I am on the hunt for a new job. My ideal is a multi-functional wardrobe, with plenty of items that look great outside the office as well as at my desk.

Last week, I just happened to be browsing my Look magazine when I spotted some awesome leopard print shoe boots from New Look which I just had to track down on their website. Well, well, well, when I got to the website, not only did I find those but I also found a zebra print version! I literally could not believe my luck and all for under £40! I then had a little mooch, added a plain black top and found a gorgeous red pussybow blouse, in the sale for under £10! Love, love, love. Check out what I bought:

I am so happy with my new purchases – having tried them on today, they definitely fit and look super hot whilst making just the kind of statement I want to make. The only downer is that outside the office they would look great with some black skinny jeans…I broke the zip on my black skinny jeans the other day! Hmm…wonder what I’ll be purchasing next!?!

Laters my lovelies! x