What’s Stopping Me Writing?

Every now and then a question pops into my head which is “What’s stopping me writing?”. I can’t place the exact day, time or place that blogging took a back seat in my life but it certainly seems to be the case right now.

There was a time a couple of years ago when all I wanted to do was write, blog, write and blog some more and I had absolutely loads to say. I had post ideas popping out of my head and I just could not keep up with the ideas as well as my daily life; all I knew was that life was getting in the way of my writing.

Fast-forward to now and I’m struggling even more to fit blogging into my life. I still read blogs, I still love the freedom of having this outlet at my fingertips but for some reason I’m just not using it. Not only am I not using it but I’m not missing it very much either. Every now and then, like today, I have a sudden urge to throw my ramblings at any poor, passing reader who will listen but most of the time, I’m pretty content not doing this.

So I come back to the question of “why?” and my only explanation is quite simply that I’m now happier with the life I’m living offline so I feel less of a desire to supplement it with a strong online life. A couple of years ago, I wanted to be everything, I needed to feel like I was achieving things because I couldn’t find anything that made me happy. Now, I’m largely content so while I have big blogging ideas, I end up shelving them in favour of  spending more time enjoying the moment, rather than capturing it in text.

Has anyone else had a similar thing happen to them?

New Blog for People with Narrow Feet!

Hello friends!

Just this weekend I have launched a new blog with the aim of helping people with narrow feet to find shoes that are fashionable and actually fit comfortably.

If you’re in that boat yourself, check it out at: http://narrowshoesblog.wordpress.com/

I hope you’ve had a great weekend! x

As Fresh as a Daisy!

New Picture (2)Sooooooo…I hope you can tell what this post is about. 20SomethingFreak (2SF) has a new look! I’d been looking at the old theme for a while and thinking it just looked a bit tired and dated and then today was the day I just HAD to change it 🙂

I won’t lie, this freshen up is also part of a much larger 2SF project that is ticking away in the background and hopefully I’ll be able to tell you about some exciting changes soon. In the meantime, I hope you appreciate this little facelift and I’ve also added links to a 2SF FB page which is part of the upcoming changes and my YouTube channel. Both of these will be seeing a lot more action in the near future.

Have yourselves a lovely Thursday, I can’t believe how quickly this week has been flying by! x

Download My Blog App!

Hello everybody!

Today is an exciting day indeed; not only is it SNOWING, but my blog is now available in app. form for your mobile!!! I’m a huge fan of BlackBerry, though I only converted about a year ago when I started working for them and was given my first BB. Nowadays, I no longer work for the company but still love their products and cannot wait for the launch of BB10 later this month.

Anyway, I digress… the point of this post is to tell you that if you are a BB lover like me, you can now download my blog as an app. on your BB so you can catch up with my ramblings super easily when you are on the move 🙂 The app. is free and all you need to do is go to the BlackBerry App. Store, search 20 Something Freak and there you will find it. I’ve downloaded it already and I love it, I hope you do too!

Happy reading my little snow angels!!! x

OMG, I am like totes famous…

I did have an entirely different post planned for tonight but based on a conversation I’ve been having with someone about vlogging, (YouTube mainly, for those who don’t know what that is…video blogging) I decided to check out my YouTube channel. I’ve only got a couple of videos up there as it’s not really something I do at the moment. However, you may remember my brief post when I tried to ombre my own hair (here) a couple of months ago. At the time I thought it was going to work really well so I started to video it; it was actually a disaster but I posted the video anyway.

Now I know in the grand scale of things this number of views isn’t great but I was shocked how many people have watched this film, I was expecting maybe 50 if I was lucky. Guess how many I’ve had…gone on…guess…oh, ok, I’ll tell you: 1,168! That many people have seen my face and heard my stupidly young sounding voice in the last couple of months! Woohoo!

So that’s it for this blog post, it’s really just me bragging because I got a bit over-excited by my own very moderate success! lol! Happy Tuesday friends 🙂 x

PS. If you’ve missed the action, you can check out the vid. right here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6g6eRhyyous&feature=plcp

My Cameo on Bennis Inc

One of the blogs I read on a regular basis is Bennis Inc, it’s a blog which I find really inspirational. Stephanie Bennis founded Bennis Inc a very short time ago, she’s only in her twenties and she seems to be doing really well. I admire her determination and go-getting attitude and find her blog posts both interesting and motivating; if she can do it, then so can we all, the only person in our way most of the time is ourselves.

Bearing this in mind, when Stephanie launched a competition for guest bloggers, I jumped at the chance. I’m pleased to say that she has published my post on Work / Life Balance and it can be found here. Given that this is a competition, I would really appreciate it if you would pop on over, read my post, like it and also check out the rest of her blog – I think you’ll like it.

Happy Monday everyone and please help me win the competition! x

Say Hello to Pseudo-Sam

When we’re children, most of us are encouraged to dream about the future; what we want to be, where we want to live, etc. and then when we get to the teenage years it becomes less about what we want to be and more about finding who we are now. That fabulous phrase that so many people use comes into play, “finding myself” – whatever the heck that means! Generally, once we actually reach adulthood, we’re pretty much supposed to forget all of this and just be. Be who we are, doing what we’re doing and if we’re lucky, we like it; if not, it’s pretty much tough, there’s not enough time in a day to try and change it.

Or so it was…

These days we seem to be encouraged to dream all the way through life and never settle for anything less than perfection. Some of us are natural born dreamers; every personality test I’ve ever taken and more recently, the Strengths Finder test I took, all say that I’m a dreamer. When I speak to those around me, I realise that they haven’t spent their whole lives wishing for something else, it seems to just be me who has to spend all day, every day in a bubble in order to survive. Essentially, I will never be satisfied because I’m always striving for something better in the future. I blame my mother; she told me that if I worked hard I’d get everything I wanted so I am working hard and now I’m expecting everything I want! (That’s a joke…sort of.) Anyhow, being of a naturally dreamy disposition, I realise I have fallen prey to the virtual world and become a victim of my virtual life.

Rather than really living my real life and changing the things about it that I hate dislike, I’ve created a pseudo-Sam. She’s the online presence that represents me and she is way cooler than I am. Pseudo-Sam wears cool clothes; I know this because they’re on WIWT.com. Pseudo-Sam is a writer- uh, I wonder where you’ll find evidence of that!?! Pseudo-Sam is also way up-to-date on all the latest trends; Twitter tells her what they are. All of these web-based activities represent the me that I wish I was; pseudo-Sam only associates with the people I wish I was like, the people whose lives I covet. The most realistic version of Sam you’ll find is on Facebook. Facebook got in there first; it has both Sam’s – the photos represent pseudo-Sam who is always happy and loving life and the statuses represent real Sam who is mainly disappointed that she hasn’t morphed into her pseudo-persona.

What is this strange world that we inhabit and how do we extract ourselves from it? Will I really have a life left if I cancel my Facebook, Twitter, WIWT.com, Pinterest and WordPress accounts or will I collapse without pseudo-Sam there to prop up the flimsy real Sam that remains? It’s a genuinely tough question to answer and for now, I think my flimsy self is too scared to find out so I’m going to let pseudo-Sam carry on playing, I mean, is it really that different to watching SATC and wishing I was Carrie Bradshaw!?! x

1 Month Down, is it Really Going to Happen?

Wowser, how quickly has January disappeared!?! It feels like I blinked and missed it even though there has been quite a lot going on in my life this last month. As I am so determined to achieve the goals I set myself this year, I thought I’d best undergo a little tracking session and see if I have managed to make any progress. If I don’t check now, soon I’ll be sitting here in June wondering how I’m going to fit it all in to 6 months. Here’s my progress:

  • Weight 9st7 (or less) by March – somehow have managed to reach 10st…oops!
    • Umm, still at 10st despite quite a few changes to the diet. I have a very poorly gut at the moment so I can only hope this will settle soon and help my weight loss
  • Weigh no more than 9st at the end of the year
    • As above
  • End the year with £3,500 credit card debt or less (fair chunk to pay off to reach that!)
    • Epic fail! My car added £650 to this for it’s MOT. Instead, I will be saving to pay off a chunky old loan this time next year
  • Read 10 new books
    • Not yet started but did finish a book today which was started in 2011. I have book no. 1 lined up and ready to go so hopefully this time next month I’ll be back on track
  • Star in at least 1 theatre show
    • Auditions in a couple of weeks 🙂
  • See 12 theatre shows
    • This one is super fun. Have so far seen an amateur show at my local theatre (Neverwhere, was awesome) and went to see Cirque Du Soleil at the Royal Albert Hall on Friday which was spectacular!
  • Spend 3 weekends away with the bf
    • I blame him for the lack of progress
  • Eat in 6 new restaurants
    • January = poor month = not much eating out = fail
  • Leave the country 3 times
    • Trip to Budapest booked for July, super luxury as well 🙂
  • Exercise for at least 1.5 hours per week (up from 0 hours)
    • Simply put…not done this! I have however started Aqua Fit once a week but made one class then was too late for the next. Back on it this week but it’s only 45 mins per class :-s
  • Make my eBay store self sufficient by June (i.e. have enough profit to buy next lot of stock)
    • Sales have started picking up this week with the arrival of pay day…phew!
  • Have a trip to NY booked in (actually have at least deposit paid)
    • This one’s for later in the year
  • Make and try 3 home made beauty products
    • Nada! Have however inherited a heap of non home made products from a friend who is emigrating. The pile of products I have in reserve is MASSIVE. I will use them all though…eventually!

So as you can see, I have made fair progress in some areas whilst failing in others but nothing is a lost cause yet and I’m hoping I’ll have a bit more time in Feb. to dedicate to my goals. I still feel like these are achievable and that’s the most important thing. How are you all doing with your goals? x