Review: Electrolysis for Milia and Thread Veins


I told you I’d catch up with my beauty reviews, etc. and I am on the case! Today I’m going to review a recent electrolysis treatment I had and completely forgot to add to yesterday’s list of things I have been doing when I’ve not been blogging.

I’m sure most of you have heard of electrolysis but you’ve probably heard of it in relation to hair removal rather than as a treatment for skin complaints. I had the treatment on my skin and it was so fantastic that I just have to spread the word because it took me ages to find not only the treatment, but also a place that offered a free consultation and a price I could afford.

The place I ended up going to is called Destination Skin and in Reading, they are based inside House of Fraser but they have a number of clinics so check out their website for more details. The condition I went to see them about is called “milia” and I’ll explain to you exactly what that means and what my experience was…

Roughly around the time I split up with the bf I lived with, Sept ’12, a lot of small bumps appeared on my cheeks. They were like clogged pores / blackheads except they were quite far below the surface. I didn’t think much of it at the time as I’d been on holiday and thought I’d broken out because of the sunscreen. A few months on though, these bumps were still there and showed no signs of changing. My skin felt rough and lumpy to the touch, especially when washing my face in the shower and although the bumps had no colour, you could really see them when they caught the light.

I tried all sorts, from spot-clearing face wash, to microdermabrasion, to changing every single facial product I used. NOTHING! It was pretty depressing and I ended up picking at my skin and creating spots as a result of my determination to rid myself of these things. Eventually, through a combination of Google and a couple of facialists, I worked out I had milia and that they weren’t going to go unless I had them extracted or zapped through electrolysis.

The extraction route didn’t sound too appealing as that involves making tiny cuts in the skin and manually squeezing the milia out. Ouch! Huge scar potential too if it’s done incorrectly. Electrolysis however seemed to be a rather expensive option; I couldn’t find anywhere close by that offered it and I was being told it would cost £100 just for a consultation with a doctor. On top of that I could expect to spend another £150 on the treatment. Oh, and the results weren’t guaranteed. Well I’m not rich so I ruled that out too.

That was until I was in House of Fraser and spotted Destination Skin; a quick Google and phone call later and I’d booked in a free consultation. Now I won’t pretend it all ran smoothly from there because I had to overcome one final hurdle but with my advice, you can do the same! During my consultation, 2 girls looked at my skin under a magnifying glass to determine whether or not the bumps were definitely milia. They came to the conclusion that they were and that electrolysis would be the best option. They also pointed out my other, “normal” clogged pores and fine lines. What they suggested was a treatment plan that consisted of facial peels, electrolysis and 3 specialist products; what I heard was “that’ll be £750 please”. WTF!?! How was I supposed t0 fund that, even with their 3-step payment plan?

I made the executive decision to book in for 1*30min electrolysis session which they had told me would start off the milia treatment. Electrolysis essentially works by breaking the milia into smaller bits so your lymphatic system can drain it away so it can take a few sessions to work completely.  When I got to my appointment, I had a different consultant and she was much better. She didn’t try and con me into a non-refundable treatment plan, she actually told me I’d only need 15 mins for my treatment so it would cost around £50. Much more reasonable!

During the treatment, you feel pin-like pricks as you are zapped but it’s nothing too uncomfortable and in my 15 mins, the therapist zapped all my milia and then offered to start the thread veins on my nose as we had time left. The nose hurt a bit but that provided instant results, the veins are pretty much gone!

As for the milia treatment, I had a rather blotchy red face afterwards and the next day. The advice is to leave your skin alone and be gentle with it as the treatment works and the skin heals over the next couple of weeks. What actually happened was the larger bumps rose to the surface of my skin and I was so keen to get them out, I squeezed them. This probably meant my healing process was longer and I definitely looked VILE during it but after a month my skin was totally fine. As the bumps weren’t easily visible beforehand, I couldn’t take photos to show you before and after but this whole review is purely because I’m so chuffed that I want others to know where to go and what to do.

Honestly, my skin is still far from flawless but it never has been great. What is important is the big bumps have gone and I am so much more confident now. I’ve also stopped picking at my skin because it bothers me so much less so it’s all round much better looking! If I went back for further treatment, my results could be even better but for now, I’m happy with what I have achieved. If you are feeling self conscious like I was, I really urge you to go for a consultation and then splurge that £50 to get some great results, it will transform your life! x


2 thoughts on “Review: Electrolysis for Milia and Thread Veins

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for the comment and it’s a good question. The thread veins shrunk for a short time but most likely needed more treatments for a lasting effect. The milia situation is so much better though. I still have the smaller bumps I had but with one treatment this is to be expected. The big bumps, the ones I really hated that made me feel so insecure have gone and stayed away though. With a few treatments I think you could basically obliterate the whole lot. If you’re prone to milia you’ll always be at risk but given the price of the treatment, for me it was absolutely worth it.


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