Review: No.7 Stay Perfect Foundation


Today I thought I’d get back to my foundation hunt and update you on another of the products I have tried; this time it’s the turn of No. 7’s Stay Perfect Foundation.

After reading loads of great reviews about this foundation I figured I may as well give it a go. I don’t usually like No.7 products but I think this stems from an allergic reaction to a face wipe years ago so the time has come to try again. What really persuaded me to try it though was that they had a buy one, get one half price offer on their make-up and I needed a mascara too. (Review of the mascara later.) Anyway, I went to my local Boots and had the lady use the colour match gadget thingy to tell me which colour I should have. The answer was Calico but I don’t like to look as pale as I really am so we went a shade up to Cool Vanilla.

No. 7 Stay Perfect

In the shop I only had a small patch tested on me but I couldn’t really see it so I was happy enough to try it given the small amount of money I’d be parting with. The next morning I woke up excited to try out my new foundation but unfortunately that excitement didn’t last long.

I pumped the liquid out onto my foundation brush and then tried to sweep it across my face. I say tried because this stuff is horribly thick, it really requires  lot of effort to get it evenly distributed. I ended up using far too much make-up because it was just sticking to my face even though I’d just used a primer. Nevermind though, at least it was on.

Then I got to work and the natural light in the ladies’ here is brilliant…sadly for me. I realised the colour wasn’t just a shade darker than my skin but was actually brown. BROWN! Where the make-up had been so difficult to apply it was also very evident where I’d not quite got it perfectly right as my skin shone through like the moon at night. I looked plain dirty. This reminded me that the previous reason I hadn’t used No. 7 was because their foundations tend to run dark which is clearly not ideal for me.

I tried this for a few days to see if I could get used to it but the application was just as bad with or without primer, nevermind the colour issue. I’m not a fan and I would not recommend anybody try this out unless you’re trying to mimic some sort of skin condition!

Never fear though, there are more positive reviews to come on my foundation trail and believe it or not, I have actually found the one! x

4 thoughts on “Review: No.7 Stay Perfect Foundation

  1. No7 is very much yellow based and tends to make you look like a lemon…literally! I found stila is good 🙂

  2. I love No7’s cosmetics! However I do agree about Stay Perfect being too thick; I’ve used Instant Radiance for years which is much thinner and gives the right result 🙂 my colour is Cool Vanilla in the new shades, and it is quite a yellowy tone, the ivory and warm colours are pinker. Also mascara wise, I can’t comment on Stay Perfect, but the Lash Adapt and Fanominal Lashes are fab 🙂

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