Hello everyone!

I feel like I’ve been rather slack the last couple of weeks when it comes to posting on here but it’s been for a combination of reasons, including not feeling too well and also going on a trip to Berlin with my daddy!

My wonderful father turned 50 back in August and for his birthday, I booked us a trip to Berlin which was last weekend. We had a great time and it’s a fabulous city. Both of us agreed that we’d happily go back there just for a shopping trip, they had all of the shops you could possibly want and lots of them. It’s a busy city with loads going on but it’s not all grimy and rammed to bursting like London is.

We stayed at the Pullman Berlin Schweizerhof hotel which I thought was fab. It’s in a great location, has an lovely pool and sauna area for rejuvenating the feet after a day of sightseeing, the rooms were very clean and the staff were very friendly. Obviously we did all of the touristy things while we were there and of those, I’d highly recommend a trip to the Holocaust Memorial. The actual memorial is just right there in front of you as you walk down the street and at first glance looks just a bit strange. Walk through it, really get right into the middle of it and you’ll feel so much more the significance of why it is so.

Other than that, the Tiergarten is beautiful, especially in autumn when the leaves are all different colours and of course there are many museums and architecturally stunning things to look at. I’d also really recommend just grabbing a coffee and sitting in the middle of a plaza somewhere, people watching. On a Sunday the shops are shut but there are still heaps of people just milling around doing their thing and it’s really quite nice to sit back and take it all in.

Here are a few of my photos from the trip:

The Cathedral

The Cathedral

Me with a Berlin Bear - these are everywhere!

Me with a Berlin Bear – these are everywhere!

The Holocaust Memorial

The Holocaust Memorial



I hope you’ve all been having fun, let me know if you have any questions about my trip 🙂 x

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