Review: B. Youthful Anti-Ageing Foundation

‘Ello, ‘ello!

Recently I have resumed the hunt for a decent foundation which I originally started last year following the discontinuation of Clinique’s Repairwear Anti-Ageing foundation. I have been using the Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions foundation in the meantime but it’s not a 100% match to my skin tone, even in the lightest shade. I also find that it has a tendency to slide off of my oily bits and stick on my dry bits. It’s not bad but it doesn’t match my old favourite.

So, I have picked up the search again and after scouring the net, I have tried a few budget and more premium foundations and will be delivering my verdicts here. This has been a bit costly as I’ve been having shop assistants con me into thinking I looked good, only to apply the foundation at home and realise I look like I’ve been Tangoed. Finally today I have plucked up the courage to demand samples to take away before I buy so fingers crossed I won’t make another erroneous purchase.

First up in the “erroneous purchases” category is B. Youthful Anti-Ageing Foundation which you can buy in Superdrug.

B. Flawless Coverage Foundation

I tried this foundation in the lightest shade they offer, 010 Linen. First off, let’s talk about the colour…I actually like the colour. If you are really, really pale you might find there isn’t a shade light enough for you but I’m paler than most people and I liked this colour. It is slightly darker than my skin but gives it a healthy glow without looking orange.

That’s it for the positives. Something I wasn’t expecting was that this foundation is actually fragranced; as I usually use fragrance free products I found it strange being able to smell my own face on the bus this morning. Others may like that. More importantly, I just don’t like this foundation. Yes, I have taken into account the cost of it and no, I still don’t think it’s worth the money.

Pumping this out onto my foundation brush, I thought the bottle needed a good shake because it was so runny but after a good shake it seemed to be the same. Still I gave it the benefit of the doubt but then it made me late this morning because it was so tricky to apply. It’s watery consistency means that it’s almost impossible to get it streak free. When I did finally get it looking ok, I made the mistake of raising my eyebrows. This instantly ruined the look as the foundation on my forehead all gathered in my expression lines. I’m only 27 but I looked about 40 this morning with all that make-up in my fine lines; ironic that an anti-ageing foundation should have this effect!

Coverage with this isn’t really medium, I’d say it’s light to medium and that was with the benefit of a primer underneath. I really didn’t feel like this covered up any of my imperfections even after 2 layers and it’s just so awkward to apply because of the consistency that I would not recommend it to anyone, regardless of skin type. Even when I used my fingers as the website recommends, I just found myself with messy hands rather than a pretty face.

If you do want to try it though, it’s usually priced at £10.99 but is currently on offer so is just £7.32 so now would be a good time to give it a bash. Loads of people have given it positive reviews so maybe it’s just my face it disagrees with! x


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