Halloween Weekend Fashion

Happy Halloween!!!

I know I’m a bit early but most people seem to be celebrating Halloween this weekend as it’s midweek and next weekend has been given over to Bonfire Night.

I love a bit of Halloween but then I love a bit of anything that involves dressing up and funny decorations so although I am sadly not attending any Halloween parties (boo), I couldn’t help having a bit of a browse of some Halloween fashion. Misguided have dedicated a whole section on their site to Halloween so I thought I’d share a few of my favourite bargainous costume-like pieces 🙂

Malvolia Skeleton Bodysuit, £14.99

Malvolia Skeleton Bodysuit, £14.99

Deina Lace Panel Maxi Dress In Black, £36.99

Deina Lace Panel Maxi Dress In Black, £36.99

Geva Skeleton Ring, £5.99

Geva Skeleton Ring, £5.99

I hope that whatever you get up to this weekend you have fun and stay safe, this is only the beginning of party season so don’t fall at the first hurdle! x

P.S. – Yes, black font is as wild as I could get with the formatting of this post to symbolise Halloween!

When Should 2 Become 1?

CartoonHello and sorry for reminding you that you are old enough to remember singing along to the Spice Girls’ 2 Become 1 song! However, I think it brings me nicely to today’s topic…at what point should you sleep with someone for the first time?

Obviously I’m not talking about 1 night stands or people you are only interested in physically because I’m pretty sure the answer in those instances is that you should sleep with them as soon as possible. Why wait??? What I’m talking about is the people you meet who you think might turn into long term or forever types. I’ve not really ever given it much thought before but two people have mentioned it to me in the last week. One was somebody at the beginning of a relationship who was waiting in the hope things turned out better than previous relationships did. The other was a fellow single gal who said: “Apparently it totally changes the dynamic if you wait”. It was this that really got me wondering about “the right time”.

Those of you who know me personally will know that I have a very “male” attitude to sex in that I really believe if you both want it, you should just get the heck on with doing it! I don’t believe in waiting until the third date, nor do I think it’s slutty to sleep with a stranger / have a f*** buddy and I’m all for sleeping with somebody just because they are hot, you want to and it would be an achievement to get that notch on your bedpost. Before the world writes me off as terrible GF material, I should also point out that I also believe the best sex happens with people you know well and care about and if you say you’ll only sleep with one person, you should keep your word.

So, back to my original point, I haven’t ever tried the waiting game at the beginning of a relationship. In fact I’ve always believed it to be a good sign if you pretty much spend all of your time naked at the beginning and I place a lot of importance on sparks in the bedroom. Bad sex = bad relationship in my book. What puzzles me is quite how you build up any form of intimacy with someone if you aren’t getting naked with them. It’s not just sex that happens when you spend all that naked time together, you start to break down barriers and be a bit more open with the other person. In the chats between sessions you find out things about them, in the food breaks you find out what they like to eat…you get the drift. Personally I’ve never felt that comfortable sitting in a restaurant or a park or the cinema having an intimate conversation of any kind. Equally, don’t expect me to snuggle up on the sofa if I haven’t seen you naked, that just feels plain weird. (For 99% of the population, don’t expect me to snuggle up full stop. I’m nearly 28 and have only found 1 person I like to snuggle so far.)

Back to the waiting thig then, what are the bonuses of waiting? I’m racking my brain but I just can’t think of anything, however this may well be because I haven’t tried it. With my lack of will power it’s likely to be a man I’m not interested in that I try this on so I still don’t think I’ll have the answer! People who do the waiting thing, please enlighten me. I genuinely want to understand more about the mentality behind this and I’d also like to know what happens when you do wait, you start falling for someone and then you discover you’re totally incompatible in the bedroom. Don’t pretend like everything can be worked out, we all know some people just don’t do it for us! Talk to me, people! x

Review: Nails Inc Kensington Church Street Snowflake Effect Polish

It’s no secret that I get far too excited about Christmas and start my celebrations at the time that everyone else is moaning about the fact that the shops have their decorations up already. So when I saw the Nails Inc Snowflake Effect nail polish, it was only a matter of days that I was able to contain myself before I popped into my local Debenhams and picked up a bottle to try out.

Nails Inc Sparkle

When you look at the bottle, it really does look like snow in a Nails Inc package so I was super excited to create snow on my nails 🙂 I’d read that they recommended you try it out over a nude type colour polish to get the best effect but I decided that I should probably try it out over both light and dark. Here is the result:


As always with sparkly polishes, it’s lost some of its life in the photo-taking process but I think you can get the idea by looking at the nail with the black base.

It’s a great polish and I really like the effect on my nude fingers but I’m wondering if it would look even better on a white base so if anyone’s tried that, I would love to know. Like all polishes which have chunky bits in, it can be awkward to apply as it’s slightly gloopy, you want to get some sort of even distribution across the nail and have to dab the end of the nail to get rid of pesky sparkle overhang!

Overall however, when I look at my nails right now I feel like Christmas has landed so it’s done it’s job and I’d pay my £12 all over again to enjoy that if I had to 🙂

Happy shopping! x

Review: No.7 Stay Perfect Foundation


Today I thought I’d get back to my foundation hunt and update you on another of the products I have tried; this time it’s the turn of No. 7’s Stay Perfect Foundation.

After reading loads of great reviews about this foundation I figured I may as well give it a go. I don’t usually like No.7 products but I think this stems from an allergic reaction to a face wipe years ago so the time has come to try again. What really persuaded me to try it though was that they had a buy one, get one half price offer on their make-up and I needed a mascara too. (Review of the mascara later.) Anyway, I went to my local Boots and had the lady use the colour match gadget thingy to tell me which colour I should have. The answer was Calico but I don’t like to look as pale as I really am so we went a shade up to Cool Vanilla.

No. 7 Stay Perfect

In the shop I only had a small patch tested on me but I couldn’t really see it so I was happy enough to try it given the small amount of money I’d be parting with. The next morning I woke up excited to try out my new foundation but unfortunately that excitement didn’t last long.

I pumped the liquid out onto my foundation brush and then tried to sweep it across my face. I say tried because this stuff is horribly thick, it really requires  lot of effort to get it evenly distributed. I ended up using far too much make-up because it was just sticking to my face even though I’d just used a primer. Nevermind though, at least it was on.

Then I got to work and the natural light in the ladies’ here is brilliant…sadly for me. I realised the colour wasn’t just a shade darker than my skin but was actually brown. BROWN! Where the make-up had been so difficult to apply it was also very evident where I’d not quite got it perfectly right as my skin shone through like the moon at night. I looked plain dirty. This reminded me that the previous reason I hadn’t used No. 7 was because their foundations tend to run dark which is clearly not ideal for me.

I tried this for a few days to see if I could get used to it but the application was just as bad with or without primer, nevermind the colour issue. I’m not a fan and I would not recommend anybody try this out unless you’re trying to mimic some sort of skin condition!

Never fear though, there are more positive reviews to come on my foundation trail and believe it or not, I have actually found the one! x


Hello everyone!

I feel like I’ve been rather slack the last couple of weeks when it comes to posting on here but it’s been for a combination of reasons, including not feeling too well and also going on a trip to Berlin with my daddy!

My wonderful father turned 50 back in August and for his birthday, I booked us a trip to Berlin which was last weekend. We had a great time and it’s a fabulous city. Both of us agreed that we’d happily go back there just for a shopping trip, they had all of the shops you could possibly want and lots of them. It’s a busy city with loads going on but it’s not all grimy and rammed to bursting like London is.

We stayed at the Pullman Berlin Schweizerhof hotel which I thought was fab. It’s in a great location, has an lovely pool and sauna area for rejuvenating the feet after a day of sightseeing, the rooms were very clean and the staff were very friendly. Obviously we did all of the touristy things while we were there and of those, I’d highly recommend a trip to the Holocaust Memorial. The actual memorial is just right there in front of you as you walk down the street and at first glance looks just a bit strange. Walk through it, really get right into the middle of it and you’ll feel so much more the significance of why it is so.

Other than that, the Tiergarten is beautiful, especially in autumn when the leaves are all different colours and of course there are many museums and architecturally stunning things to look at. I’d also really recommend just grabbing a coffee and sitting in the middle of a plaza somewhere, people watching. On a Sunday the shops are shut but there are still heaps of people just milling around doing their thing and it’s really quite nice to sit back and take it all in.

Here are a few of my photos from the trip:

The Cathedral

The Cathedral

Me with a Berlin Bear - these are everywhere!

Me with a Berlin Bear – these are everywhere!

The Holocaust Memorial

The Holocaust Memorial



I hope you’ve all been having fun, let me know if you have any questions about my trip 🙂 x

Review: B. Youthful Anti-Ageing Foundation

‘Ello, ‘ello!

Recently I have resumed the hunt for a decent foundation which I originally started last year following the discontinuation of Clinique’s Repairwear Anti-Ageing foundation. I have been using the Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions foundation in the meantime but it’s not a 100% match to my skin tone, even in the lightest shade. I also find that it has a tendency to slide off of my oily bits and stick on my dry bits. It’s not bad but it doesn’t match my old favourite.

So, I have picked up the search again and after scouring the net, I have tried a few budget and more premium foundations and will be delivering my verdicts here. This has been a bit costly as I’ve been having shop assistants con me into thinking I looked good, only to apply the foundation at home and realise I look like I’ve been Tangoed. Finally today I have plucked up the courage to demand samples to take away before I buy so fingers crossed I won’t make another erroneous purchase.

First up in the “erroneous purchases” category is B. Youthful Anti-Ageing Foundation which you can buy in Superdrug.

B. Flawless Coverage Foundation

I tried this foundation in the lightest shade they offer, 010 Linen. First off, let’s talk about the colour…I actually like the colour. If you are really, really pale you might find there isn’t a shade light enough for you but I’m paler than most people and I liked this colour. It is slightly darker than my skin but gives it a healthy glow without looking orange.

That’s it for the positives. Something I wasn’t expecting was that this foundation is actually fragranced; as I usually use fragrance free products I found it strange being able to smell my own face on the bus this morning. Others may like that. More importantly, I just don’t like this foundation. Yes, I have taken into account the cost of it and no, I still don’t think it’s worth the money.

Pumping this out onto my foundation brush, I thought the bottle needed a good shake because it was so runny but after a good shake it seemed to be the same. Still I gave it the benefit of the doubt but then it made me late this morning because it was so tricky to apply. It’s watery consistency means that it’s almost impossible to get it streak free. When I did finally get it looking ok, I made the mistake of raising my eyebrows. This instantly ruined the look as the foundation on my forehead all gathered in my expression lines. I’m only 27 but I looked about 40 this morning with all that make-up in my fine lines; ironic that an anti-ageing foundation should have this effect!

Coverage with this isn’t really medium, I’d say it’s light to medium and that was with the benefit of a primer underneath. I really didn’t feel like this covered up any of my imperfections even after 2 layers and it’s just so awkward to apply because of the consistency that I would not recommend it to anyone, regardless of skin type. Even when I used my fingers as the website recommends, I just found myself with messy hands rather than a pretty face.

If you do want to try it though, it’s usually priced at £10.99 but is currently on offer so is just £7.32 so now would be a good time to give it a bash. Loads of people have given it positive reviews so maybe it’s just my face it disagrees with! x

Review: Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

Hello everyone!

It has been ages since I did a product review, I’ve been far too lazy recently! One product which I have been using for a couple of months now and is definitely worthy of a write up is Seche Vite’s Fast Dry Top Coat. A friend recommended this to me after having a manicure at a spa where they used it. This friend raved about it so much that I really was expecting to be disappointed, I couldn’t believe it would live up to my high expectations. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

Seche Vite, Dry Fast Top Coat, £9.50

Seche Vite, Dry Fast Top Coat, £9.50

This little bottle may as well be a miracle potion, it has completely transformed my nail beauty regime. I have incredibly dry, weak nails which flake more than any I have ever seen. This means that usually it’s virtually pointless me painting my nails as literally within a day, I’m missing half of the polish on my index fingers. I had been having gel nails done for a few months but that’s very expensive to maintain and there’s also the inconvenience of making appointments and having to go to the salon, which takes up a good chunk of a weekend day.

However, along came Seche Vite and that’s all changed! Check this out:

Seche Vite Nails

Please excuse my shocking cuticles but this is my hand and those nails were painted 5 days ago. Since then I have done the washing up a few times without gloves, stuffed over 100 envelopes, hunted through piles of junk in the office for a drill battery pack, picked labels off the bottom of a new pair of shoes…the list goes on. The point I am making is really that I’m not careful about keeping my polish in tact, I have things to do and can’t be bothered with trying to protect my nails.

As far as I’m concerned, this is an amazing result! Not only does the Seche Vite do what it says on the bottle and dry your nails quickly, but it keeps the polish in place for what feels like an eternity. The nail polish I’m wearing in the picture is Nails Inc Queen Victoria Street but I’ve tried the Seche Vite with cheaper polishes too and it works just as well. High gloss shine, quick drying and incredible staying power. What more could you want from something that costs less than a tenner? I bought mine from BeautyBay so here’s a handy link to the product if you’d like to do the same (here).

This is the best product I’ve tried in ages, I cannot recommend it enough! x