My Visit to a Clairvoyant

Chatting away to a friend on FB this afternoon, I’ve realised that I never blogged about my visit to a clairvoyant the other week. I’m not sure how I missed the opportunity to share this with everyone as quite frankly, right now it’s pretty much her words that are keeping me sane and reminding me that things will get better.

Now I know that a lot of people out there will wonder why I chose to throw my money away like this and suggest that flushing it down the loo would have been more productive, but I believe that there are genuinely people with abilities that the rest of us have not tuned into. I’d suggest that to find somebody, you should ideally follow personal recommendation as there are a lot of con artists out there. The lady I saw is contactable via The Crystal Dragon in Caversham, for those of you in the Reading area who may be interested.

I went along with an open mind just to see what she’d say and simply told her that my reason for coming was that a lot of things were up in the air. Instantly she identified a family-based pain in my past that has shaken my confidence to the core and STILL needs fixing. Then she identified a pain point regarding work and whilst talking about that got side tracked onto relationships as she realised things there weren’t as simple as they should be.  “Generic!”, I hear you cry. Yes, I know that all of this could be true of anyone, when is work ever perfect, when are our relationships working so well there are no problems? Who doesn’t have something hideous that’s stuck with them since childhood?

I agree. However, she went into much more detail which all matched my life and then something amazing happened which suspended any disbelief I had ever had. She stopped our conversation and told me she had someone there from the spirit world that wanted to speak. She described the person and what they wanted to say and it was the person at the root of my insecurities trying to help me move on from them. 

Yes, I do know I sound as batty as a box of frogs right now but genuinely, there’s no way she could have known anything about this person. We didn’t do FB or digital photos or blogging last time I saw that person alive. There isn’t a whole history available to research online; short of invading my parents’ house, looking through photos in the loft and asking a lot of very personal questions, she couldn’t have known any of that. I’m struggling for any sort of scientific explanation on this one. 

So, was it real? I guess so, as real as a surreal experience like that can be. 

The reality of that experience has given me faith in the rest of what the clairvoyant said and even if it was all a load of rubbish, she’s still given me more confidence to pursue the sort of career path I’ve always been too scared to follow. On that basis, it can’t be a waste of money. Someone giving you confidence that things will get better when it feels like your world is coming tumbling down around you is worth my money any day.

Has anyone else had any experience of this sort of thing? I’d love to hear about it if you have! x

2 thoughts on “My Visit to a Clairvoyant

  1. I Loved reading this. I am also a believer of sorts and it does interest me. I have been to see a few clairvoyants but there has only been two that I have seen that have really stuck out and given me information or said things that no one else could have known. When my grandad past away a month or so after I went to see someone, i never said a word, I just sat down and instantly he told me that a man in spirit had followed me into his house, he described him to a t! he even told me his name, he also went on to tell me a few other things that had happened in the weeks before I went to the clairvoyant that again no one could have known. Whether it was true or not there is no way he could have known my grandad or me as like you facebook wasn’t on the go then and I had the reading done in a city 150 miles from my actual home town.

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