Review: L’Oreal Lumi Magique Primer

Hey hey!

I’ve been meaning to write up this review for a little while now but the plus side of that means I’ve tested this primer on a number of days, in a number of situations so I’ve got an all-round knowledge of how it performs.

Prior to using this I had been using a MAC primer but I was a bit pushed for pennies when that ran out so I decided I’d try something a little cheaper and at just £9.99, L’Oreal’s Lumi Magique was what I decided to go for.

Here’s what the product looks like when you squirt it out of the bottle:

Holly Birthday 034

It’s much runnier than the MAC primer but also has a much more pearlescent sheen to it so I was hopeful that it would provide me with a dewy glow, not just a slick base to apply foundation to.

Here’s how it looks when you rub it in:

Close Up

Close Up

In Context

In Context

Hopefully you can see the shiny part of my hand vs the rest which looks much duller. This product is fantastic! Now, I don’t believe it will really work out much cheaper than the MAC primer as I find that you need to use more / it doesn’t stretch as far as the MAC primer but it really does give your skin a dewy glow. The first time I wore this under my make-up I couldn’t believe how much younger my skin looked. It also felt really nice too.

The issue I always had with the MAC primer was that it felt like my make-up was just perched on my skin and it rubbed off really easily. This meant by the end of the day, I had really patchy make-up. With this primer, I feel like it just adds an extra layer to my foundation and helps to hide my imperfections by reflecting the light in a more flattering way. I still have an even face of make-up by the end of the day.

I would highly recommend this primer and I’m really surprised at that, I’d pretty much given up on finding good make-up outside of the premium beauty halls but this has been great so far. I’ve worn it to work, to parties, dog walking – it really does help your foundation stay put and keep you looking sparkly and fresh all day! x

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