Clean 9 Detox – The Finale


So anyone who was reading the blog last week would probably have been expecting further updates on the Clean 9 Detox that I was doing. Although I was pretty hungry most of the time and I hate the taste of aloe vera, I was doing well. That was until Thursday when I received an email I didn’t want and got all moody.

I woke up tired, achy and generally a bit down on Thursday anyway but I still stuck to my shake in the morning and had my low calorie lunch. However, I was so miserable by the end of the day that I went to M&S and I binged. Not only did I eat too much but I ate loads of bread which always makes me really bloated. Then on Friday I had my breakfast shake in the morning, goat curry for lunch and that was it, detox over. I gave up and actually, I felt much better as soon as I did.

A good friend reminded me that I’m not a dieter, food does make my world a better place and I don’t have any problems attracting members of the opposite sex just the way I am. I wasn’t feeling healthier for my efforts so now I’m back to good old fashioned exercise and trying to eat more fruit and veg. and less junk.Β 

If you really want to detox or if you really do need to lose some weight quickly then I’m sure Clean 9 is a great plan and I certainly found it easier than I’ve found other plans so far. However if you are like me and get depressed when you are hungry and use food as a support mechanism when all else fails, don’t even bother. Just eat more of the good stuff, less of the bad stuff and crack on with some exercise!

Have yourselves a great week my friends! x

3 thoughts on “Clean 9 Detox – The Finale

  1. So true Sam.. I would never have been able to do this detox! I’m a total foodie girl too.. You are beautiful just as you are πŸ™‚

  2. I have a natural skepticism about anything like this. And I could never do those things to my food habits – wouldn’t work, I’d end up killing and eating a random stranger. Probably not the thing to mention online I suppose. 😦

    How you feel mentally is as important as how you eat, stress is bad and diets are stress…



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