Review: L’Oreal Lumi Magique Primer

Hey hey!

I’ve been meaning to write up this review for a little while now but the plus side of that means I’ve tested this primer on a number of days, in a number of situations so I’ve got an all-round knowledge of how it performs.

Prior to using this I had been using a MAC primer but I was a bit pushed for pennies when that ran out so I decided I’d try something a little cheaper and at just £9.99, L’Oreal’s Lumi Magique was what I decided to go for.

Here’s what the product looks like when you squirt it out of the bottle:

Holly Birthday 034

It’s much runnier than the MAC primer but also has a much more pearlescent sheen to it so I was hopeful that it would provide me with a dewy glow, not just a slick base to apply foundation to.

Here’s how it looks when you rub it in:

Close Up

Close Up

In Context

In Context

Hopefully you can see the shiny part of my hand vs the rest which looks much duller. This product is fantastic! Now, I don’t believe it will really work out much cheaper than the MAC primer as I find that you need to use more / it doesn’t stretch as far as the MAC primer but it really does give your skin a dewy glow. The first time I wore this under my make-up I couldn’t believe how much younger my skin looked. It also felt really nice too.

The issue I always had with the MAC primer was that it felt like my make-up was just perched on my skin and it rubbed off really easily. This meant by the end of the day, I had really patchy make-up. With this primer, I feel like it just adds an extra layer to my foundation and helps to hide my imperfections by reflecting the light in a more flattering way. I still have an even face of make-up by the end of the day.

I would highly recommend this primer and I’m really surprised at that, I’d pretty much given up on finding good make-up outside of the premium beauty halls but this has been great so far. I’ve worn it to work, to parties, dog walking – it really does help your foundation stay put and keep you looking sparkly and fresh all day! x

How Do You Say “I Love You”?

New Picture (3)If you’ve ever been in a relationship that’s lasted more than a few months you’ve probably at some point contemplated how the “L” word is going to worm its way in. I hadn’t thought about it for a while but the other day my housemate and I were sat in the living room chatting and she brought up this very topic. She’s been seeing her other half for about 8 months now, they’re about to tackle the long distance thing and she’s wondering how they move beyond the comfort of the snuggles and general happiness to love.

In her case, she was friends with the guy before they were ever dating and they had a conversation in the friend zone in which they both made it clear that they’d each be far too scared to ever be the first person to say “I love you”. Now they’re at the point where she feels like someone should be saying it but this conversation is in the back of her mind. She’s wondering if he will man up and say it or if she’s going to have to jump in. It’s not so much that she’s scared of saying what she feels, it’s more that she’s worried he won’t say it back. That moment when it’s not said back has to be one of the most awkward moments there can be in any relationship. Neither of you knows what to do, the person who said it feels embarrassed, the person who didn’t feels pressured and you both wonder if you should just walk away from it and each other right there and then.

So how do you do it? Obviously there’s the widely acclaimed drunken “I love you” which you can later blame on the alcohol if it all goes disastrously wrong. Or there’s the subtle “I love…(huge pause)…that shirt on you”, whilst you gauge their reaction to the “L” word during the pause, you can decide what should come next. Or, I guess you just come right out and say it. If you’ve been together for a substantial enough period of time that you think it’s time to say the word but your other half doesn’t, perhaps it means that your views of the relationship are different and it’s time to re-evaluate anyway. 

That said, what if it’s all about the delivery? Should it be spontaneous or planned? Can it be spontaneous? Does anyone really say it without having thought about saying it first? If you plan it, how far do you go with the planning and how do you ensure you don’t add so much pressure to the situation that they either run away or feel obliged to say it back without actually meaning it? It’s an absolute minefield!

Thinking back through my past relationships, I can tell you exactly how the “L” word has dropped into the fold. The guys have all said it. During sex. It was ok though because regardless of whether they meant it or not, I didn’t mean it when I said it back, I just thought I should feel that so I’d best say it so as not to offend. That’s not to say I never meant it, at some points I have but at the time of the initial “I love you”, no, not a jot of love, just a bit of lust mixed with guilt for not feeling it. That’s my way of confessing that I don’t have the answer. If any of you have any advice, please share it so I can tell my housemate and write it down for safekeeping so that it’s there the day I decide I want to say it myself.

Equally, if it’s ever gone disastrously wrong, let us know so we can all have a good giggle. It’ll make you feel much better about it if you can see the funny side! x

As Fresh as a Daisy!

New Picture (2)Sooooooo…I hope you can tell what this post is about. 20SomethingFreak (2SF) has a new look! I’d been looking at the old theme for a while and thinking it just looked a bit tired and dated and then today was the day I just HAD to change it 🙂

I won’t lie, this freshen up is also part of a much larger 2SF project that is ticking away in the background and hopefully I’ll be able to tell you about some exciting changes soon. In the meantime, I hope you appreciate this little facelift and I’ve also added links to a 2SF FB page which is part of the upcoming changes and my YouTube channel. Both of these will be seeing a lot more action in the near future.

Have yourselves a lovely Thursday, I can’t believe how quickly this week has been flying by! x

Clean 9 Detox – The Finale


So anyone who was reading the blog last week would probably have been expecting further updates on the Clean 9 Detox that I was doing. Although I was pretty hungry most of the time and I hate the taste of aloe vera, I was doing well. That was until Thursday when I received an email I didn’t want and got all moody.

I woke up tired, achy and generally a bit down on Thursday anyway but I still stuck to my shake in the morning and had my low calorie lunch. However, I was so miserable by the end of the day that I went to M&S and I binged. Not only did I eat too much but I ate loads of bread which always makes me really bloated. Then on Friday I had my breakfast shake in the morning, goat curry for lunch and that was it, detox over. I gave up and actually, I felt much better as soon as I did.

A good friend reminded me that I’m not a dieter, food does make my world a better place and I don’t have any problems attracting members of the opposite sex just the way I am. I wasn’t feeling healthier for my efforts so now I’m back to good old fashioned exercise and trying to eat more fruit and veg. and less junk. 

If you really want to detox or if you really do need to lose some weight quickly then I’m sure Clean 9 is a great plan and I certainly found it easier than I’ve found other plans so far. However if you are like me and get depressed when you are hungry and use food as a support mechanism when all else fails, don’t even bother. Just eat more of the good stuff, less of the bad stuff and crack on with some exercise!

Have yourselves a great week my friends! x