Clean 9 Detox – Part 1

Hello everyone and happy Sunday!

I’ve decided to do something bold and actually complete a detox. My weight has got to the point which is frankly ridiculous for me and represents far too much binging on cake, sweets, chocolate, fatty foods, etc. Not only does this mean that I caught sight of cellulite in the mirror the other day but more importantly, it means I have been feeling super sluggish and really lacking energy recently. So I’m doing it, I’m actually going to stick to a diet because I’m starting to feel the effects of not doing so.

I think there are about as many diet plans and detox programmes out there as there are people and nobody really seems to know what works best. On that basis, I have chosen to try Forever’s Clean 9 programme as a FB friend has done it and swears it really works without you feeling like you are starving the whole time. It’s cost me £120 for the kit but in any given 9 day period I spend a good chunk of that on food anyway because I eat out quite a lot.

Please excuse my photography, things always look fine on your phone and then you put them onto a bigger screen and you realise just how poor the picture quality is!

My kit arrived packaged in a handy box:

Clean 9 Box

The box contained the following:

Clean 9 KitThat kit is made up of:

  • Aloe Vera gel
  • Bee Pollen
  • Garcinia Plus
  • Shake mixture
  • Measuring cup
  • Shaker
  • Tape measure
  • Usage booklet

The usage booklet is especially handy, it outlines the programme and how to proceed through the 9 days and also contains spaces to note your weight and measurements across the 9 days.

So here it is, in the interests of being completely up front, I’m including my weight and measurements. This will also help me stick to the plan so that I’m not publicly humiliated by the lack of change. I’m a classic pear shape so you’ll notice that my waist measurement is already at a place many could only dream of but it’s the bum / thigh region that needs some help!

Day 1

  • Weight : 9st 12lb
  • Arm : 9.75″
  • Waist : 27″
  • Hip : 38.5″
  • Thigh : 23″
  • Chest : 35″

As you can see, my thigh / waist ratio seems to be a bit off so I’m hoping that I can balance that back out a bit over the course of this plan and keep it going with a less strict regime afterwards.

What you actually have to do is basically survive 2 days of hell where you don’t eat apart from 1 meal replacement shake at lunch time and the supplements. They recommend using either skimmed milk or soya milk for the shakes but I’m using Koko coconut milk because it’s got so many health benefits and keeps me away from the dairy that messes me up so royally. The trick is to drink loads of water and keep your mind busy!

After that, it gets much easier when you are allowed 2 shakes and 1 600 calorie meal per. day. That will be a walk in the park by comparison!

I’m now nearly at the end of day 2 and apart from feeling like I’d died between waking and my lunch shake today, it’s not been too bad. I’ve also cooked up my 600 cal. meal that I’ll be taking to work for lunch tomorrow and I have to say, 600 calories is a lot of food so I can’t see the rest of the week being too difficult.

I’ll keep you updated as the week goes on and let you know if I encounter any hurdles . I’m hoping that this will help others decide whether the programme is for them or not 🙂 x


3 thoughts on “Clean 9 Detox – Part 1

  1. You fat cow!!!

    LOl just kidding, whilst I applaud your attitude and say “good luck” in your quest for detoxification; I have to add – of all the ladies I have met in the last 3 months (a fair one or two) you are the least likely to be in need of any sort of weight loss or detox.

    Then again, it’s about how you feel about yourself, so if you want to lose some weight or tone up – well good luck to you, just don’t turn into one of those obsessive weirdos! I know you won’t 🙂

    Lol he says¬

  2. Hi, how did it go? I’m thinking of doing it and wondered how you got on and if any weight loss has stayed off. Thanks

    1. There are a couple of follow up posts on here following my progress but essentially I gave up because I was feeling rubbish rather than revitalised. Some reviews I have read, people love it but personally the best diet I’ve ever done was one where I just took out all sugar, gluten, dairy and took some probiotics. Doing that I genuinely felt energised and lost loads of weight which stayed off for ages. It gets you into the right frame of mind for eating well on an ongoing basis doing it through food from the start too 🙂

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