Review: Sally Hansen Gem Crush Nail Polish in Bling-Tastic

Hello all and sorry for my tardiness in writing to you!

It’s been a bit of a manic few weeks and I don’t do well in the sunshine, in fact I pretty much wilt and collapse in the heat!!! However, while I’ve been busy doing things in real life which make me a bad blogger, part of that has included purchasing a few new beauty products and trying them out. So… here’s the first of a few reviews which will hopefully help you to make more informed beauty purchases over the course of this fabulous summer.

To kick off, I’m going to start with Sally Hansen’s Gem Crush nail polish in Bling-Tastic which appealed to me because it sparkles and let’s face it, I’m something of a magpie!



I actually picked mine up in Boots but I can’t find it on their website so I can tell you than Superdrug sell it online for £6.99. It’s a bit on the pricey side for a nail polish but still well under the likes of Nails Inc. and it’s just so sparkly and pretty that it makes it ok!

Those of you who know me will know that blue isn’t usually my thing, I’m much more a fan of pinks and reds but the picture on this blog does the colour no justice whatsoever, this is a really bright, perfect Caribbean sea blue 🙂

On Me

On Me

Now I hate putting pictures of my fingers and toes into blog posts because quite frankly I have neither model hands nor feet. However, in the interest of showing you that you can achieve a proper colour with this, I figured I’d best pop some evidence in. The picture to the left is my ring finger after 3 coats. My advice is to let each coat dry in between applications and instead of painting it on, kind of stipple / daub it on and you’ll get a much better coverage. Otherwise, you end up taking glitter off or you end up with very sparkly tips and just a few specks on the rest of the nail.

As for staying power, like any good sparkly polish, this even stays put on my incredibly thin, bendy, flaky nails so it’s a winner. I’m not looking forward to taking it off, that’s potentially going to take some brute force but you can’t have it all!

You can’t see very well in the picture but this is very sparkly and catches the light beautifully in real life. My only criticism is that I think this amount of sparkle would be a bit much if you had it on all 10 fingers so I’ve just popped it on the ring fingers for a quick splash of glamour and I love it. (It looks especially good when the rest of your nails are bright pink!)

So there you have it…this does exactly what it says on the bottle and I LOVE it! If you want some summery glam, definitely get yourself one of these. At just £6.99 it’s cheaper than most sparkly jewellery and in my opinion, adds just as much to your outfit.

Until next time… x

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