A Man’s World?

These days it’s easy to find ourselves, as women, trying to take over what has been traditionally thought of as a man’s role. We’re super keen to prove ourselves in the workplace, we’re happy to open doors for ourselves, some women pump iron in the gym and we do all of that whilst holding on to the traditionally feminine things. By this I mean that we may be rushing around at work all day but we’re doing it in our brand new stilettos that we simply had to have in black and red; later we’ll spend 6 hours in the bath because our hair needs a mask and when we get into bed we’ll have to say no because it will ruin the fake tan we just applied.

So where do the men fit in?

To be honest I hadn’t really given this a second thought and was perfectly happy thinking of myself as a woman who really could have it all. (Whatever it is…) That was until the other day when I went for lunch with someone and as I was insisting I pay, he uttered some rather challenging words: “Will you just let me be a man”. I was so taken aback that I happily obliged and let him pay for my lunch with not much more than a meek “thank you” on my part.

You wouldn’t think someone buying me lunch would be a big deal but that incident has been going round and round in my head ever since. At what point should we stop trying to do things better than men and just let the men do them? If we are having a rough day and a man offers to buy us lunch, perhaps we should accept that he’s being nice rather than trying to prove we can look after ourselves. I think this is a trap that a lot of women fall into and it’s one that’s causing problems in relationships; the main problem being that most women are completely oblivious to the impact of their behaviour on their menfolk.

Men exist for a reason and women have been made different to men because we need both to make the world go round so why must we fight everything that differentiates us? Perhaps we should just accept that sometimes we have to let the men do their job and care for us; after all we know that women are really the ones in control so what harm can it do??? x

2 thoughts on “A Man’s World?

  1. This is without a doubt the best article on here so far. Well worded and summarised nicely throughout. I couldn’t have agreed more with your friends retort “Will you just let me be a man!”. Am also glad that you elected to allow this. Lol.

    However I feel you could have gone a bit further with your dissection of the sexual battle between men and women, and more importantly the effect it is having on “the menfolk”. Have you noticed the trend of the fashionable man? The rise in sales of beauty products sold to men? How about the fact that numbers of gay guys has rocketed and numbers of successful marriages has dropped?

    I’m not saying that women effectively killed off shivalry and that is the cause, though I would say it’s certainly worthy of further discussion.

    But well done, great article will be reading more of your work with interest! Now go and make me a sandwich 🙂

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