Friday Lust

By the time you are reading this, & Other Stories, the latest installment from the company behind H&M will actually be open, how very exciting!!!

Having subscribed to their pre-shopping, I would describe the collection as COS with a quirky edge. Everything looks very well made and of beautiful quality and it comes with some extra artistic flair, almost what you’d get if you crossed H&M and COS. One item grabbed my eye so much that it just had to be my Friday Lust, here it is:

Leather Shoulder Bag in Mint, £95

Leather Shoulder Bag in Mint, £95

Just look at the detailing on that! Mint green is one of my favourite summer shades anyway, (currently rocking it on my finger nails) but this bag just takes it up a notch for me. I LOVE that gold stud detailing. I’ve been struggling to find good bags in the region of £100 recently so this may just be my saviour…now to find the £100 I’ve already spent!!!

Check out for the rest of the collection and let me know what you think 🙂 x

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