Time Out in Marrakech

Hello blog friends!

Oh boy has it been a long time since I wrote a blog post; in fact it’s nearly a month! Well, you’ll be pleased to know that heart-break Sam is gone – G.O.N.E. Done and dusted! In the past month I have been on holiday to Marrakech, resigned from my current job, put myself out there on the single scene and generally taken time to reboot and refresh so that now I am ready to move on up 🙂

Hectic is the word I would use to describe single life; I’d forgotten just how much I like to ram into each day given half a chance and without anybody more laid back to help me reign it in! I’ve been up to all sorts, including watching my new favourite musical: Rock of Ages and getting far to drunk in London and ending up calling my daddy to rescue me from Paddington station at 4.30am – this is the life!

Anyhow, a few weeks ago a couple of friends and I ventured over to Morocco, to a small town you may have heard of called Marrakech. What an experience! Our hotel, the Kenzi Club Agdal Medina absolutely knocked the socks off where we stayed in Kos last year and the rest of the trip was a learning curve. So, starting with the hotel, this was a totally bargacious all inclusive and it is fabulous. The staff are very attentive and the grounds of the hotel are incredibly well kept and very beautiful. Going slightly out of season as well meant that it wasn’t too busy and it was pretty child-free so we made a few friends while we were there too 🙂 If you do ever end up visiting this hotel, be sure to go to the “discotheque” – it’s so empty it’s actually almost cool and you can properly boogie on down in there!

Just a small part of 1 of the pools…

Other than the hotel, there is loads to see and do if you visit Morocco and we went completely unprepared so all we managed to do was a bit of quad biking through what was essentially desert land and a small bit of exploration of the city centre, including the souks. Things you can do include Sahara treks and visiting waterfalls, etc. Things we did do mainly include lying on sun loungers and drinking… what can you do when you’re in an awesome hotel with free drinks, hey!?!

We did venture out a few times though and one word of advice I would give is that you do not walk anywhere on the roads, especially ladies. We had a couple of instances with guys on mopeds which weren’t pleasant and we were lucky we were on guard so we were able to spot what was going to happen and keep ourselves safe.

However, when you are out, you simply must visit a spa and have the full hammam experience; there’s loads of them over there. We went to Les Bains de Marrakech on the recommendation of a friend and it was fab, even if the ladies that scrubbed us were insanely masculine and nearly skinned me alive! Then, once you’re done with relaxation, you’ll be ready to hit the souks.

The souks are scary and maze-like and you need to be on-guard the whole time for people trying to steal things from you. Crossing roads to get to them is also insane, you have to pretty much suck it up and take your life in your hands. However, you will find loads of beautiful things and it’s an experience you simply must have. You then have to go back at night when the square is transformed by street food traders. It’s crazy busy but the food is great and it somehow feels authentic even though it’s all clearly put on for us tourists. Here are some of my snaps:

The colours are fantastic

We took a pit stop here when quad biking

The square by night

Chilli olives

I do of course have many more snaps, especially of drunken dancing in the discotheque but I figured you only need to see the pretty ones 🙂

For now, that’s me done – normal service has resumed though so watch this space for some reviews soon! x

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