WordPress, Why’d You Go And Change?

I whole-heardtedly agree with Stephanie’s views about the recent changes to WordPress and the effect it is having on blog readership. If you’ve found it harder to find blogs or had your stats drop recently, please check out and “like” her post so that hopefully people start listening! WordPress, Why’d You Go And Change? x

Game Changers

Once in a while someone comes into your life who is a complete game changer; you might not notice it until they leave and if you haven’t encountered one yet, you probably won’t know what I’m talking about. I hadn’t realised that a game changer had walked into my life until they took a huge step back out of it the other week. The person I’m talking about is my ex – the guy who until now has been referred to as “the bf” on this blog. What a guy!

For the last 2.5 years this game changer has been very close to me and we’ve actually known each other for over 3 years. Our relationship kind of crept up on us until the point he asked me to make a decision to either go for it or just be friends. I went for it…against all of my instincts I went for it. Thank god I did! Sure, it’s over now but it’s not a nasty split and I look back and I realise he was a game changer.

For the first time in my life and I really do mean the first time in my life, I had a taste of what real happiness feels like; contentedness, love and happiness and it was all because of him. The best part was that the reason I felt that happy was that I loved him back, I wasn’t just with him to be with someone, I was with him because I wanted to be with him. For a whole variety of reasons, between the 2 of us we managed to break what we had but we’re still on good terms and I don’t regret a second of it.

So why was he a game changer? Well, he’s completely changed my outlook on so many things that I’m a very different person to the person I was at the beginning. I never used to understand why people were so obsessed with finding someone to love; I get it now…that feeling can’t be beaten and I want it. I’m also more confident and know that there are men out there who I will actually get on with rather than just being able to tolerate them and they’ll also take me just as I am. He’s even given my career a kick up the arse by pushing me to try something I thought I’d never be able to do. The list goes on but as you can see, he’s changed me permanently. He’s made me better than I was before and given me so much that my life was lacking but I hadn’t even realised was missing. Game changer.

Here I am then, single, missing him but oh so glad that he walked into my life. For the first time ever I feel free, I know what’s been holding me back from being happy and I’m working on it because that happy feeling he gave me has changed my life. If you haven’t encountered a game changer yet, watch out. They will turn y0ur world upside down, spin it round and change everything you thought you knew and all you’ll be able to do is thank them. Enjoy it when they arrive and remember it when they leave, there aren’t many of them around and they’re incredibly special! x