Friday Lust

This week’s Friday Lust is simple, classy and bold all in one and it costs far more than I can afford. This really is one to watch out for in the sale. Coming in at £165 from Oasis is this Leather Cutwork Detail Dress:

Zoomed in, check out the detailing at the top

If you’re a classic pear like me / bordering on the athletic when you’ve not eaten too many choccies then this dress is very flattering. I’ve always wanted to own a leather dress and this one actually looks wearable, I could totally imagine myself in it. Oasis clothes also tend to be cut to flatter so I can’t imagine this being anything other than perfect.

This is a serious lust piece for me and I’ve got everything crossed I can nab one at some point in the future. I just LOVE how they’ve made the leather look so delicate and feminine 🙂

Oh how I love window shopping!!! x

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