Hair of the Moment – Topknot

Having fine hair and being a fan of the bleach, my hair can easily get frazzled, dried out and breakable so every now and then I have to change what I’m doing to try and give my hair some time to recover. So far this year I’ve only had my highlights done twice and am currently rocking a half head of highlights to try and reduce the bleach impact. I’m also considering changing my colour for A/W, but that’s another story!

What I am also conscious of is unnecessary washing and straightening as both of those activities can strip my hair of it’s moisture. However, having such fine, straight hair, I usually overindulge in both washing and heat styling to try and give my hair some texture and shape and boy can you tell! My hair starts breaking and frizzing every few months when it needs some TLC so I’m trying to be more proactive and prevent it getting into that state; right now I am on the case!

The topknot is my style of choice as it allows me to get an extra day out of each wash, (it gives my hair more texture) and of course there is no heat styling required. Love, love, love! What I also love is how easily chic it is; it doesn’t need to be perfect, in fact it’s better if it isn’t and it takes next to no time to create. The topknot is everywhere at the moment so if you haven’t jumped on board yet, you need to, it literally suits everyone! Here’s how messy I wear mine: