The Curse of the Power March

One thing I’ve noticed that modern offices are plagued with these days is semi powerful women marching across the floor with an effect similar to a herd of elephants stampeding past. If you work in an office I’m sure you know the type, you may even be the type; low to mid-management women whose power has gone to their heads and who have decided that the way to demonstrate confidence and assertiveness is to tread heavily…very heavily!

Why? What is it that these women thing they will gain from such heavy-footed traversing? I don’t know about you but I’ve also noticed that these women seem to spend A LOT of the day stomping around the office, I don’t know where they are going but their

laptops don’t seem to be following them wherever it is!

My question is simply “why?”. I just cannot work it out, where did this dominant stamping phenomenon come from? What purpose does it serve other than to annoy colleagues and cause them to mumble rude things under their breath? Is there anyone out there who can answer this!?! x

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