Experiment: Acupuncture for a Needle-Phobe

It’s a well known fact and something I happily share with the world that I am scared of all things blood-related. This actually doesn’t stem from a phobia of needles but from a phobia of things making holes in my skin… this usually leads to bleeding! I don’t know why I am like this and logically I know it’s crazy but it’s there and it gets worse and worse the older I get.

On this basis, I’d never really considered acupuncture as an alternative therapy that would be right for me. However, I’ve been really struggling with my bloated tummy and stress recently and lots of people have said how amazing acupuncture is. Admittedly, most of the people I actually know who have had it, have had it for muscular-skeletal problems but I figured it was still worth a bash. This is not to mention that ALL of them said you barely feel the needles and they are far less painful than a vaccination. I figured it couldn’t be that bad so I booked myself an appointment; this is what happened.

My therapist conducted a full consultation of why I was there and what issues I was having, etc. and then proceeded to check my pulses, etc. Yes, in Chinese medicine you have multiple pulses, not just the standard heart beating one. I found out some interesting things:

  1. My broad tongue means I have lots of “chi” (energy)
  2. This chi must be the bad kind because my pulses show I am lacking in most of the good energies
  3. My heart has negative energy (apparently this is not a physical heart issue, more an emotional thing)
  4. My gut contains damp heat…still not sure what that is!
  5. My energy type is fire – apparently this means I want to be liked and loved by everyone – I disagree with this one

I did learn loads of other things but the trouble was she was telling me during the needle process or afterwards when my mind was otherwise occupied.

So, on to the needles. Having seen the episode of SATC where Charlotte goes for acupuncture, I expected the needles to be really long and kind of sway in the breeze whilst they were in me. I was wrong. The first needle she got out, I didn’t see until it had been removed from me. She stuck it in my torso, just under the middle of my rib cage (I think this is where you compress for CPR). Bloody nora! Everyone lied! The blasted thing stung like hell and I could most definitely feel it there. After 10 seconds of stinging I was too scared and made her take it out… it continued to sting! OUCH! Do not do this!

After that petrifying experience, I was loathe to allow any more needles in the torso region so she stuck one in my thigh. This needle was thinner and I did honestly barely feel it, much more what I’d expected. Unfortunately though, I was too het up to allow any more so this was the only needle I braved. Instead, my session became an acupressure session; someone just pressing on me here and there is much more my thing.

Post acupressure (+ 1 needle), she re-took my pulses and apparently the energy change was for the better. Did I feel better? I’m not sure. At first I felt good but I think that was just elation that I had survived having a needle stuck in me. When I got home to an empty house I felt lonely, something that I honestly almost never feel. Then I felt depressed and bombarded the bf with tears when he came home. The following 2 days, however my gut was better than it had been for ages so who knows what happened!?! Maybe the tears were some of the negative energy escaping or maybe my gut was better because I was no longer worried about needles being stuck into me.

Either way, I now have to decide whether to go back this Wednesday. Has anybody else been through this? Can anyone vouch for it’s effectiveness? Your views are more than gratefully welcomed! Until next time… x