The Best Things About the Internet

I spend so much of my time online these days that sometimes I really struggle to imagine how my life was and how it would be without the internet. I question how people ever knew where to go on holiday or what the latest fashions were or how to make black bean sauce because they just decided they needed it for their stir fry; this information just wasn’t there at the click of a mouse. Most of the time however, I take this insane invention that changed the world completely¬†for granted and have almost no appreciation of how much easier it makes many aspects of my life. So, here are some of my favourite things about the internet:

Those 3 Magic Letters

1) Reviews

Reviews galore; I can find reviews of literally anything and everything and sometimes this really does save me spending my hard earned cash on sub-standard products. It’s great to know what other people really think and as such, I add my fair share of reviews to this pool as well.

2) Travel Photography

I have seen some truly stunning photography online and for me it is one of the most inspirational things, it makes me re-evaluate my life for a few seconds every time and focus that little bit more on seeing more of the world rather than just existing in my tiny corner of it.

3) Recipes

No matter what it is that I have leftover in the kitchen cupboard, I can always find something tasty to cook to use it up – enough said!

4) Blogs / Reality Internet

For me, blogs are a bit like watching a multitude of reality TV shows from all across the globe. I love them; they satisfy my curiosity about other cultures and my nosiness in general. They also work well for me from a personal perspective as they help boost my feeling of significance in the world. People read what I write and I get involved in conversations about what other people write – my world feels much bigger than it otherwise would and my sphere of influence has grown infinitely. LOVE!

5) Shopping

It no longer matters if I can’t find what I am looking for in my local town, I’ll find it online. I may pay something of a premium or it may be half the price, you never can tell which way it will fall but you do know that you will find it. Case in point, my bf has a lovely suit but he ripped the trousers; the suit itself was bought in the sale so was an old style – no more trousers in store. Uh oh, time for a new suit…or a gf who can find ANYTHING online and found him more of the trousers. The internet wins!

So all in all, I think the internet is pretty darned nifty; how has it transformed your little world? x