Rewind Festival (Henley) 2012

I did it! I finally went to a festival! When I say festival, I mean a civilised one and when I say I went, I mean I went for both days but I went home overnight to sleep and wash, etc. but still, I did it! My festival of choice was the Rewind 80s festival in Henley and my festival partner of choice was my daddy 🙂

The festival was last weekend and we had some crazy hot weather for it; I don’t think I’ve ever been so hot as I was on the Saturday, I even had to sit down for Right Said Fred – sorry Fred! What was great about this festival was not only that it was pretty civilised as most people there were my dad’s age but it was pretty easy to get to the front right by the stage so we could actually see the acts. There was also some pretty tasty food on offer and I very much enjoyed chowing down into some goat curry on the Saturday. Anyhow, I had some great retro fun and I thought I’d share some of my pics. They’re taken with my phone so they aren’t amazing but I like them and if you are thinking of going along, I’d highly recommend you get tickets for this next year 🙂

Sinitta with her So Macho dancers!


Tony Hadley giving it some

Adam Ant


Me as an Angry Bird