Review – I Heart London, Lindsey Kelk

I’m not going to make any excuses for it, my favourite genre of book is chick-lit, in the same way that my favourite films are chick flicks! Last year whilst sunning myself in Kos, a friend introduced me to Lindsey Kelk and I Heart New York and we soon realised there is a whole series of these books. For anyone not familiar, the protagonist, Angela discovers her fiance cheating and runs off to New York. The books then follow her life and adventures from that point forward; love, work, fashion…the usual suspects. It’s amazing!

This is truly one of those stories that draws you in, makes you jealous of her new life and makes you miserable when you come to the end of the book. Between us we worked our way through the entire series (I Heart Paris, I Heart Hollywood, etc.) and were pretty devastated when we came to the end. Then…a few weeks ago, I was blog browsing as I often do and discovered that I Heart London was due out. I pre-ordered, it arrived, I read it, I loved it and now I am finally telling you all that you’ll love it too!

This book follows hot on the trail of the previous books and meant I turned pruny in the bath many times as I refused to believe it was time to get out before I had finished the book! The great news is that it’s been left wide open for another book as well šŸ™‚

So, if you have read the rest of the series, buy this and love it; if not, start with I Heart New York and work your way through the lot on your summer holiday this year. Yes, they’re a bit trashy but you’ll love reading them for the same reasons you go see all the Jennifer Aniston films in the cinema – you know what you’re getting and you know it won’t disappoint šŸ™‚

My next stop is a bit behind the trend but it’s going to be Fifty Shades of Grey – it’s going to be a little bit different methinks! Big loves people x

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